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As the season of festivals dawns, it characterizes the beginning of fun and of course loads of work. Your house will be filled with guests. But in between all this, you also have to take care of your skin to make sure you are glowing all through the festival. But it is obvious that both men and women will be very busy. So to make things easier for you, here are some quick tips that will help your face glow. The best part is these can be done easily at home.

Instant Face Glow Tips to shine on festivals

1. Egg White Mask

Egg white is an excellent cleanser for your skin. All you have to do is take two tablespoons of egg white, apply it on your face and leave to dry after which you can wash it off.

Or you can also try this another egg white mask. This homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness will work wonders.


  • Egg white
  • Honey

How to make

Separate the egg white from an egg and add it a tablespoon of honey, Mix them well and dab on your face for at least 20 minutes and then rinse off the face with normal water.

The moisturizing properties of honey help to soothe skin, whereas egg white tightens your skin pores.

face glow tips to shine on festivals 1

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2. Milk and Honey Face Mask

If you are thinking about how to make face glow and fair at home, then this simple combination of milk and honey can do wonders to your face. They can instantly give you a fresh glow which is hard to ignore! Here is a simple pack for you to try.

Milk And Honey

What all you need:

  1. Cotton balls
  1. 2 tsp raw milk
  1. 2 tsp honey.


  • Mix the equal quantity of milk and honey in a china dish and keep it in the freezer for 2 hours.
  • Clean your face with your regular face wash and pat dry.
  • Dip the cotton balls in the milk and honey solution and dab it all over your face and neck.
  • Lie down and let this fairness face pack dry on your face for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with running water.

face glow tips to shine on festivals 2

3. Wonder Papaya Mask for Glow

A papaya fruit mask is all you need for that extra special shine on your face. It reduces your blemishes, dark spots, etc. and kills dead cells in your skin.

Take mashed papaya and massage it onto the skin for five minutes. Wash the skin with milk and then water and see how clarified and soft your skin feels in minutes. Papaya nourishes the skin; thanks to the presence of vitamin A and papain enzyme, it helps remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus rejuvenating your skin.

face glow papaya-mask

4. Fuller’s Earth for a Glowing Skin

An age-old beauty recipe is definitely a fuller’s earth mask. Mix it in some water, apply it and leave for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you wash it off when it is still wet for better results. Don’t search for tips on how to face glow in minutes, just give this a try.


  • Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti
  • Curry leaves

How to make

The other name of Multani mitti is earth mud. Earth mud or Multani mitti is very much important for your skin. Curry leaves and Multani mitti is a great combination.

Take a handful of curry leaves and grind them to form a fine powder, to this add a sufficient amount of fuller’s earth and spread on your face. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with normal water.

This face pack helps to remove the dirt and dust that were stick on your face, use it for at least one time in a week to get the pimple free, glowing and clear skin texture.


Fullers-Earth-Face-Mask-face glow

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5. Turmeric Mix for Skin

Turmeric has great healing power. When mixed with lime juice and applied on your face, it can make your skin blush like never before. Here is another simple turmeric face pack that you should definitely try.

Turmeric acts miraculously to give you a glowing face. Turmeric contains skin lightening properties in it. Adding milk will give you an extra benefit. As milk acts as cleaning ingredient milk will help to open the clogged pores. You can mix turmeric in the pack of gram flour and milk.


  • Gram flour
  • Milk
  • Turmeric

Add the three ingredients together to make a thick paste and apply it on all over your face. Leave it to get dried and wash it after 30 minutes.

turmeric face glow

6. Sugar Scrub

If you don’t have time for any of the above, take some sugar and scrub on your face. This is a quick and effective way to get a shining skin.

You can try implementing this tip with many of the ingredients like aloe vera, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, lemon, turmeric etc for glowing and flawless skin.

face glow 6

7. Aloe vera

face glowing tipsThis modest plant can be grown practically everywhere – gardens, pots, terraces, etc – and is an excellent rejuvenator for undernourished skin. Scrape out the gel from the leaf, mash it and massage onto the skin.

Let it sit there for 10 minutes and wash the skin with cold water and pat dry. Your skin will be rejuvenated naturally. Aloe vera soothes your skin, especially in summers when it faces the sweltering heat.

8. Olives

face glowing tips1Olive is an excellent source of vitamins. Take three to four mashed olives and apply it to the skin and let it dry. Wash off with cold water and pat dry.

It will help restore the skin’s natural pH. Olives or olive oil has long been known for their health and skin benefits. Olive oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it amazing for hair and skin health along with nails.

So, we thought you liked these tips of glowing skin homemade.

Do try these fabulous tips for that perfect glow for the perfect festival season!

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