Irene Neuwirth Jewelry: A New Trend in Fashion!

Irene Neuwirth Jewelry

Before anyone tells out otherwise, let us reassure you: looks do matter! In most cases, the first impression is visual, which is why people will judge you by the way you are dressed, your posture, and overall grace. As such, whether you’re meeting a new business partner or you’re in a new social group, it’s … Read more

Obliged About How To Tie A Tie!! Worry Not!! Check This Out!

how to tie a tie

It is a common perception we have in mind that men don’t have many fashion options as women do. But it is a wrong perception as they can experiment on a lot many things if they have the desire to be fashionable and if they wish to stand out from the crowd but all it … Read more

Thinking Of What To Wear|| Ideas For Casual Wear For College Students

casual wear for college girls

Dress codes are tricky, and while we’ve all heard of smart casual before, the term can still cause confusion and panic for many. Luckily, we’re here to help by shedding some much-needed light on this ambiguous type of attire. So, if you’ve been wondering what smart casual means or you are after some stylish outfit … Read more

Men’s Festival Wear- Top Festive Fashion Fundas For Men

Top Festive Fashion Fundas For Men

Men, just like women, are ever ready to experiment with various new looks. Be it in their clothing, hairstyle or personality, everything is changing. There is no better time to try new things than during a festive season. So men here’s your chance! When women are all set to shine this festive season, why should men … Read more

Lipstick Color With Orange Dress || Know What Suits The Best

lipstick color with orange dress

Well, we are here with yet another post related to the color orange but this time it isn’t really about orange lipsticks but about orange dresses and how you can dress it up. Actually, the post isn’t really about the orange dress but the lipsticks you can wear with it. Confused about which lipstick color … Read more

Cute Outfits For Teenage Girls || Outfits Ideas For Teenagers

cute outfits for teenage girls

As dry and as physically discomforting autumn is, its fashion trends are equally one of the best. There are some of the most stunning and attractive trends and inventions of fashion that you can easily try on and make an ever-lasting impression. Fall is the kind of season that combines the fine glimpses of spring … Read more

12 Dress Styles Perfect for Ladies with Small Busts – With love from Stylewhack

dress styles for small bust

While there is nothing wrong with having a small chest, many flat-chested women often feel self-conscious about their distinct lack of upper curves. A small bust can be both beautiful and sexy, however, even by societal standards. Start by selecting undergarments and tops that fit your body right. Then, play with shape, color, and pattern … Read more