Father and Mother Of The Bride Fashion Tips to Look Great

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As the father of the bride, you are bound to be feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation. The thought of walking down the aisle to give your daughter away is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Despite all these emotions, you will want to look great for your daughter because this is her day.

Here are some useful tips for what the father of the bride should wear

Consider The Venue

You will be tempted to rent a regular tux. While this is a great answer for any other party, it may not be the best for a wedding. You could end up looking completely out of place and this will make you feel uncomfortable. You should think about issues like the weather and the venue. If the wedding is taking place outdoors and during the hotter seasons, consider a lighter fabric. If the venue is formal, then a great suit will be necessary. Make sure you know the venue before picking out the outfit.

Father and Mother Of The Bride Fashion Tips to Look Great 2

It Never Hurts To Consult A Tailor

You should make sure that whatever outfit you have will fit properly. That means talking to a good tailor so that they can take proper measurements and ensure that you look great for your daughter’s big day. You wouldn’t want the guests to see an uncomfortable man instead of a gentleman standing tall and proud while giving his daughter away to her new family. Choose an experienced tailor to do the job. You can get recommendations from friends if you do not know any great tailors.

Take A Hint From The Groomsmen

You do not have to wear an outfit that matches what the groomsmen are wearing. However, it would be nice if your suit looked close to what theirs look like. You can choose the same design but a different color so as to differentiate you and them. If you already have an entirely different suit, then you can accessorize with something that they have. You can wear a pocket square of the color of the wedding or a bowtie that matches that of the groomsmen.

Carry A Handkerchief

Not only will you be able to use it if you find yourself getting tearful, but you can also pass it to the bride’s mother or the bride and look like a true gentleman.

Ask For The Bride’s Opinion

Since the bride has the final say on most of the things, do not be afraid to ask for her opinion. This will give her a chance to appreciate the fact that you considered her opinion. She will make sure that your outfit is in coordination with the wedding colors.

Mother of the Bride

When it comes to the bride’s mother, the outfit varies by the cultural aspects of the family and the countries as well. However, there are some basic rules that the mother of the bride should follow.

Colour Matters

According to Frox of Falkirk the mother of the bride should not wear a dress that is the same color as that of the bride. She should also not be wearing an outfit that is too similar to the bridesmaids’ outfits, lest she is mistaken for one. There should be a clear distinction between the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother. Additionally, the dress should not be black as this is considered the color for mourning.

It is a good idea to combine colors so as to appear colorful but not too flashy. This is why it is best to avoid an outfit that is all red or yellow. You can wear a red skirt or dress in a jacket or a blouse with a different color. If the color is mild, that will be so much better. Gray is a good option for a suit. You can accessorize the gray outfit with a scarf or shoes that have a bright color. Navy blue is also a good choice.

Consider the Hat

Consider the Hat
Consider the Hat

If you are wearing a very mild color, you can add a colorful hat. A hat that is pink would be the perfect accessory. One other great option for wedding colors is purple. It will make you stand out and will give the outfit the elegance it needs.

Tailoring is Important

Just as it is with the father of the bride, the outfit for the mother of the bride should be well-tailored. Make sure that you get the right measurements for the dress so that it can drape nicely. You should also consider the wedding venue and the weather. If it is bound to get chilly later during the day, wear an outfit that goes well with a chic jacket.

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