Pune Women have a Bestie and it is a Facebook Group called PULA!

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Have you ever shifted to a new city and were lonely with no friends/family around? Did you struggle to get information regarding the best school for your kids? Did you battle to find a good gynaecologist? Well ladies, we do not know about other cities….but Pune definitely has all the answers for you! If you are in Pune, all your queries will be answered in this ever growing FB group called PULA!

There are two prerequisites for you to be a member of this closed FB group. First, you have to be a female. Second, you have to be residing or have resided in Pune at some point of time. The group was started by a city-based school teacher Sonia Agarwal Konjeti a year back and today the group is celebrating their first birthday!

New Year Bash!

Let’s explore the exciting world of this group characterized by female bonding and support

What is PULA and where did it all start?

One may think that the name was derived from Marathi literature legend – Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, fondly called as Pu La. But PULA stands for Pune Ladies! And we don’t think, they could have got a better iconic name than that!

Sonia Agarwal Konjeti wanted to do something socially new for the women in Pune, growing beyond the normal kitty parties and social meetings. Sonia says, “A female in our society is in a constant change managing mode. She lands up in so many changes like – a marriage is a new beginning with new parents, new location, new set of relations. She leaves her parents’ house, maybe moves to a different city, maybe leave friends back, juggles home and work, relations, etc. Reunions and ‘ME’ time are the way to track back the original belongingness. But that’s again very time bound. Somehow I wanted to create a ‘Female-Family’ for my fellow females in Pune to not only make genuine acquaintances with a common goal but a space to feel belonged like the family and friends they have left behind.

PULA Founder Sonia Agarwal Konjeti at Radio ONE Studio
PULA Founder Sonia Agarwal Konjeti at Radio ONE Studio

With this noble thought was born the FB group called PULA. The group started with merely 250+ members last year and today it stands proud with a whooping 37,000+ family members! Wow! Now that is a big feat!

A Group that is beyond just Virtual Socializing

PULA event
The maiden PULA meet with 62 members! The numbers are growing rapidly today!

If you thought PULA is just about chit chatting and spending time on FB, you might be in for a surprise! PULA encourages entrepreneurship by providing a platform called ‘PULA Bazaar’ to showcase a wide range of products every Wednesday and Sunday. Group discussion worth topics and questions are shared in ‘Monday Diaries’. Tuesday marks the food journeys, recipes and restaurant reviews with their ‘Tuesday Tasty Khana’, Thursdays are reserved for ‘Bookworms’ where book nerds can share their love for books and ‘Let’s Talk’  where women can talk about intimate issues, relationships, health, children, marriage and self-confidence issues while keeping their identity anonymous. Fridays are reserved for reviews which can range from new movies to the products sold by the entrepreneurs in the group itself. There are PULA grand meets organized at various interesting venues in and around Pune almost monthly, to cater to the variety of crowd. PULA also promotes health and fitness, is an active participant in giving back to the society partnering with NGOs.

It is all about the members!

PULA Members
When we asked Sonia about PULA members, there was a huge smile on her face and the excitement in her voice was inevitable! She said, “Our lovely PULAites have been absolutely in tune with what PULA stands for. They are courteous, welcoming, encouraging and most importantly responsible. There are teething issues with new members but I am overwhelmed with women power and breaking age old myths that a woman takes down another; women are mere gossip queens or argumentative. PULA is a great platform with such positivity and amazing strength to help one another selflessly.”

The Success Factors

Pula prizeWhen so many dynamic and different individuals come together, there definitely will be some noise created. To take care of the unwanted noise, PULA has co-admins Sneha Kulkarni and Sonam Chadha Anand. The co-admins give adequate space to PULAites, but also ensure that the group follows ethical and moral guidelines as related to content and member behavior at all times and intervene when needed. The PULA Core team have hardworking selfless ladies contributing in helping PULA over and above their individual professions/ priorities in the backend to hold the show.

What does the Future look for this Exhilarating Group?

PULA group
The Karwa Chauth Meet!

PULA targets to tap on the success of surprise factor in the group and aims at coming up with new innovative activities, exploring more engaging models to mingle, opportunities to associate with social causes and support and help budding entrepreneurs to grow their business in this ever-growing already huge platform! All of this at no extra cost and keep organizing PULA grand meets for the ultimate ME time.

So non Puneite ladies after reading about this group, I am sure you would want to be in Pune for sometime atleast to be a part of this female revolution called PULA! Sorry boys! This is an exclusive place where only girls are having fun.

Stylewhack team wishes PULA a very Happy Birthday and may this bestie touch lives of innumerable women in the upcoming years!

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  1. Happy birthday to the PULA family.A great salute to the group for tracking the fraudsters,an inspiration to all ladies. Would like to know more about the group any contact number or address please. Regards.

  2. I am Priyanka Wani mutual fund advisor working in Pune. Adminji ,I wish to join PULA facebook group, please suggest how can I become a member of this group.

    • Dear Priyanka,

      Thank you for your message.
      Kindly connect with PULA group on Facebook and join.
      Definitely it takes time for member request but it is worth a wait.

      Best Regards,
      Stylewhack Team

  3. Hi. I am Patricia, staying in new sangavi. I would like to join PULA women group , please let me how should I join
    My mobile no. 9637129065

    • Dear Patricia,

      Thank you for your message.
      Kindly connect with PULA group on Facebook and join.
      Definitely, it takes time for member request but it is worth a wait.

      Best Regards,
      Stylewhack Team

  4. Hello Adminji
    Myself Priyanka Wani mutual fund advisor. I have dropped request to join d group on 27 th Jan 2018 but still waiting for your reply. Kindly consider my request. Thank you

  5. Hi, Pinky Varma here Interior designer from Baner,
    I have drop the request on this group..kindly accept it.
    My contact no.is 8698279482.

  6. Hi , I am Shahin Dodhiya Muni and wish to join this beautiful group , I am a Fitness & Nutrition Consultant.Please accept my request of joining this group .

  7. Hi. I am Varsha Patil and have dropped a request to join your group. The request is still pending. Kindly accept the joining request.

    Thanks & Regards
    Varsha Patil

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