Baby Planning: 13 To Do List Before You Plan Your Baby

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So are you both married for a handsome time and thinking to plan a baby, then surely you must in dilemma to how to plan your days before trying out. Come on this dilemma comes to everyone, but surely you should break through and get a life you expected first, so that when you have a baby you will be giving 100% to it with fulfillment. Baby planning might seem difficult and panicky, but ones you are parents you’ll definitely experience some wanted and unwanted changes in your life!

Here are few must do things before you plan for a baby

1. Go for your dream vacation

Though you must have been to wonderful honeymoon, but to be true go for one long vacation with your honey which is so much needed to come on same page and have those precious moments.

Dream-Vacation Baby Planning

cabo-stein-Baby PlanningLedakh Baby Planning

2. Buy your favorite bike or car

It is perfect time when you should buy your dream car or bike, go on long rides and enjoy the moment. Cherish happiness of having something which you always wanted, many times we compromise and just put few things aside. Go take it now!

royal-enfield Baby Planning

Car Baby Planningsafari-storme Baby Planning3. Complete your Adventure Wish

Are you an adventurous person or you are having a partner who is adventurous. They it is perfect time to pack up your bag and just go for that most awaited adventure in your life.

hero-interior Baby Planningadventure Baby Planningrafting adventure Baby Planning4. Get fit and come in shape you always wanted

You must have got perfect body before your marriage, but now with all workload you have put up those extra pound, here it is go shed it and come in shape which you can flaunt and cherish. Also workout is advisable for couple who are planning for baby. If you both go for workout together then nothing like it you will surely make your bond stronger.

planking Baby Planning

WorkOutPartners Baby Planning

Couples Workout Baby Planning5. Buy your favorite furniture and home decor

Renovate your house and get those stuff which you always wanted, convert your house in home and have happy time there.

Baby Planning-Home-Decor

Home-Decor-Baby Planning

Baby Planning-living-room

6. Party harder

Yes do party!! This perfect time to meet friends and have those long parties as post baby you will be all away from this life for couple of years.

Non-stop-party-Baby Planning

party-Baby Planning

7. Plan Couple or Group Road Trip

Roads are fun, it is that journey which you will cherish for life-time. Choose a super cool destination and get your car, bike out and move on, go for that long road trip.

travel-Baby Planning

road-trip travel-Baby Planning

road-trip adventure-Baby Planning

8. Rediscover Love in Each Other 

Will all things in mind rediscover your love and fall in love with each other and this time surely you will be more loved than any other time.

hiking-couple Baby Planning

love Baby Planning

couple love Baby Planning

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9. Have carefree and intimidated sex

Yes, just go carefree and have sex with your partner, enjoy these moments of your life and they will never be same again. But yes those moments will be.

sex couple Baby Planning

sex Baby Planning

couple-having-sex Baby Planning

10. Make point to clear all issues in relationship

There are glitches in every relationship, you need sit down and clear those things. These issues may be about daily routine, giving time, prioritize your life and come on same page in life.

Baby Planning talk

solve arguments Baby planning

11. Sleep Sleep Sleep

Sleep is first thing which will vanish when you will have a baby, so get that extra sleep and also long day gulping sleep.

Sleep well Baby planning

sleep Baby planning

sleeping_couple baby planning

12. Make Best of Movie Marathon

May it be The Lord of the Rings, Batman trilogy, or any random favourite movies, just go on and have movie marathon. Enjoy every bit of your entertainment time.

movie marathon baby planning

movie marathon baby planning 1

13. Read books

Reading books is of course and get-away for many, so grab your books and complete your reading wish list.

Books-books-baby planning

Books-baby planning

Read Books-baby planning

Having a baby will change your life for good, but surely you have to make your life special before having baby. Enjoy moments which will not be same, surely post baby you will have more memorable moments, but down the line when you will remember current days you will surely delighted to cherish it.

Make Baby Planning A Happy Feat Too!!

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