A 15-Year-Old Boy Made It To The Finals Of Break Through Challenge For His Solution To Fight Cancer, Alzheimer’s

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Samay Godika is a 15-year-old boy, who is in class X now has been shortlisted from about 8000 entries and has not only made it to the 30 semi-finalists of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, but he is also among the top 15 finalists of the competition. He chose to work on the topic that has won the Noble Prize last year that is 2016 and the topic he chose is Autophagy and found a solution for it to fight cancer.

About The Breakthrough Challenge

It is a challenge that is conducted every year to inspire creative thinking about Science. Students aged between 13 and 18 from across the world do their researchers, create and submit their works in the form of videos for this competition. And the winner will be awarded the scholarship that is a prize money of about 2,50,000$. And the scholarship amount will be awarded to the winner in a glittering ceremony in Los Angeles where the prominent people from Hollywood and Silicon Valley will attend.

About Samay Godika

Samay Godika is 15 years old and he was born in Boston. He is now currently doing his X standard at National Public School, Bangalore.

He loves to know about science and he is a thorough science learner and he is also a YouTuber.

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His Submission – Autopgahy To Fight Cancer, Alzheimer’s

The topic that he has chosen to stay in this competition and the topic that has brought him under the list of 30 semi-finalists in the competition is the autophagy. Autophagy is basically the science behind the act of fasting. This topic makes many Indians connect to it as it is one of the age-old traditions and practices in India. And the tradition believes and accepts fasting as a healthy practice for as long life.

He took this concept and explained it as a biological process with the combination of a series of animated, humorous storytelling and informative explanations. He braved in explaining this concept of autophagy as a superhero in the video explanations with animated series and stop-motion compilation. With this submission, he made it into the competition as he gets shortlisted into the top 15 finalists and he is the first Indian who got an entry into the competition. He also got listed in the top voted contestants in the breakthrough challenge website.

His Inspiration

Samay says that he got inspiration from his own family. He saw many of his family members and relatives suffer from various neurological diseases and that is what inspired him to do a research about preventing such diseases. And he also says that if Autophagy is executed in a proper way, then it definitely has got the ability to prevent diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s This technique can actually help many to fight cancer.

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We should congratulate this by for reaching this far and also praise his parents for standing by his side supporting him. Let us also wish this lad a very all the best, may he achieve and win more in future. If he wins this competition, not only he gets his scholarship prize money of about 2,50,000$, but his school also gets a science lab worth 1,00,000$. And he will become the first Indian to win this competition ever.

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