20 Best Finger Mehndi Designs To Inspire The Artist In You

The art of applying mehndi requires a fine hand and the potential to create the magic over your hands and legs in no time. Mehndi has been a part of Eastern culture and celebrations since time unknown. This is why women have a liking for mehndi on special occasions. Today we have collated some fresh finger mehndi designs for those who crave to try it out for your next ethnic look.

These beautiful finger mehndi designs will keep you at the cutting edge of fashion and trends in 2020.

Best Finger Mehndi Designs For 2020

1. Simple Finger Mehndi Design For Beginners

Mehndi designs can be simple yet lend a gorgeous look to the wearer. The henna pattern below looks charming with the delicate leaves and floral vine. The ring bands in alternating fingers are easy to produce within no time. Complement the finger mehndi designs with wrist accessories and rock any event or party.

simple mehndi designs for beginners

2. Linear Band Ring Affair Henna Pattern

Have fun with geometric mehndi designs. Women who like it minimal such simple finger mehndi designs can work wonders. Linear bands of varying thickness can be drawn quickly. You may give them a checkered pattern if you want. The diagonal palm band with delicate triangles and leaves makes a perfect combination for the finger mehndi design.

Linear Band Ring Affair Henna Pattern
Image courtesy: Pinterest

3. Geometric Finger Mehndi Design

Geometric mehndi art is one of the most underrated designs but they offer a stunning appeal. Experiment with diverse mehndi styles for an eye-popping look. A mix of modern and traditional patterns lingers beautifully on your hands. Engorge geometric shapes with lovely lace glove or jaali work to bag tons of compliments. This trendy setting can go well for parties along with your Indo-western outfits.


4. Bold Floral Finger Henna Art Design

Looking for a chic festive mehndi design? Here is a stunning finger mehndi pattern worth a try. The thick and bold flower pattern embedded with leafy swirls is going to draw attention to your hands. You can experiment with floral designs as per your choice. Draw them thick or thin, leave them minimal or incorporate within intricate patterns flowers look absolutely gorgeous in mehndi art.

Mehndi designs new finger designs mehndi
Image courtesy: Mehndi Designs 360

5. Ornamental Mehndi Design For Weddings

Finger mehndi designs can be a part of beautiful ornamental designs. You may sport this designer look with exclusive Haath-Phool patterns. These designs are perfect for weddings and festive occasions. Fine lines, curves, flowers, and leaves make delicate strands across the hand resembling jewelry worn. Won’t you like to rock this beautiful style?

Image courtesy: Shaadidukan

6. Beautiful Jaali Finger Henna Tattoo

The criss-cross patterns resembling jaali or meshwork look awesome on the fingers.  The jaali finger mehndi designs can be combined with a mandala, floral,  or heart motifs and more. The jaali work can range from fine to thick patterns making the mehndi art look outstanding.

Beautiful Jaali Finger Henna Tattoo
Image courtesy: Fashion Even

7. One Of The Best Ring Style Finger Mehndi Designs

Below is a very delicate and attractive mehndi design for fingers. You must definitely look forward to applying this henna pattern on your hands this year. Grace your fingers with this pattern while going for parties or festive events. Complement this beautiful design with wrist accessories to pep up your ethnic attire.

Image courtesy: Entertainment Mesh

8. Modern Henna Art With Bold Swirls

This mehndi design for fingers is inspired by natural elements around us. The bold and curvy patterns are drawn to resemble vines and leaves. The one-finger center flower design captivates us. All these motifs are combined in a fine mehndi design to give a modern look.

Floral finger mehndi designs
Image courtesy: Sheroes

9. Minimalist Leaf Vine Mehndi Design

This leaf motif design is a simple mehndi pattern for beginners that you must try. The design lends you an effortless charm adding style to your persona. You can also combine this pattern with jaali design or flower work to elaborate it into bridal finger mehndi designs. It will provide an extra pinch of glam in your festive look.

Image courtesy: South India Fashion

10. One Finger Mehndi Designs That Rocks

Putting delicate mehndi on fingers might be a bit too much effort for beginners. Pin up this exclusive henna art now! Inspired from peacock feather you can notice this minimal work at the back if your hand at once. The chain of dots gives an ornamental appeal to the design. To make your hands look more attractive try peacock-inspired finger nail art.

One finger Mehndi Designs
Image courtesy: Living Hours

11. Intricate Bridal Henna Design To Allure You

What we love the most about this henna design are the intricate patterns the mehndi artist has crafted in the hands. It’s one of our best picks of mehndi for brides. This fab work on your fingers will fetch you so many compliments. The design is stuffed with twists and swirls around the fingers. It also embeds lovely floral and heart motifs perfect for the special day.

Image courtesy: Stylish Mehndi Design

12. Tribal Finger Mehndi Art For Delicate Look

Tribal mehndi patterns include delicate lines and geometric shapes. Their henna art is simple yet very enchanting. A combination of linear stripes, chains,  dots,  and, swirls create this awe-worthy mehndi design for fingers. You can partner this artwork with henna wrist tattoo bands for a charming appeal. Tribal mehndi is perfect for casual parties and dine outs.

Tribal Mehndi Designs
Image courtesy: Pinterest

13. The Free Fingertips Henna Design

Here is a chic festive mehndi design for women.  However, a little complicated and requires a fine hand to craft it in your hand. However, the henna on the fingers is delicate and worth trying if you’re a beginner. The simple design with nude fingertips is quite alluring. Most Indian designs have colored tips but this one deviates from the traditional look. Definitely awe-worthy.

Image courtesy: Wedding Wire

14. Special Finger Fusion Henna Pattern

When you mix and match henna patterns the result is always so beautiful. You’ll not have enough words to describe that awesome look. This design is a mix of geometry and leafy motifs in an elegant swirly pattern. The pattern on the index finger is slightly elongated than the others. The fusion henna style is really noteworthy.

fusion mehndi design
Image courtesy: Lets Get Dressed

15. Dotted Finger Mehndi For Special Occasions

One finger mehndi designs look special when you grace them for special occasions. Simple motifs like dots can make exclusive designs for your hands. Dots can enhance the beauty of flowers, leaves and net pattern in the mehndi design. You can wear this beautiful henna tattoo anytime – occasion or no occasion.

Dotted Henna Tattoo
Image courtesy: Dulhaniyaa

16. Elegant One Finger Wrist Band Leaf Design

Single finger mehndi design combined with wrist band is another style that rocks any occasion or wedding. This minimalist design is perfect for engagement parties and festivals. In this design, the artist has drawn a simple leaf pattern incorporating the ring finger and wrist.  The rest if the hand is left with no design. You may color the fingertips or leave them as is.

Image courtesy: Cashkaro

17. Chick Boho Henna Art To Inspire All

Imagine your hand full of geometric shapes and linear patterns. Isn’t a gorgeous henna art? You may take inspiration from this design and create your own masterpiece. The center leaf design can be replaced with a mandala or flower. The diamonds in finger design can be clubbed with tiny swirls for a graceful look. The options are limitless.

Moroccan style finger mehendi design
Image courtesy: Body Art Guru

18. Alluring Flower And Leaf Mix Mehndi Design

The modern mehndi designs offer a lot of scope for creativity. Look at this wonderful floral vine. It starts from the fingers and twists around the wrist going to the forearm. Isn’t it so chic and modern? You may vary with the type and size of flowers and leaf to make such simple finger mehndi designs.

Image courtesy: Shaadi Saga

19. Simple Net Band Finger Mehndi For Beginners

Fresh mehndi artists need to start with easy mehndi designs. The net band design can range from minimal to complex structure to beautify your hands. The ring bands with elegant jaali and other motifs can effortlessly improve your looks. You can give a checkered design to make the design more appealing.

finger mehndi designs net band
Image courtesy: Mehndi Designs

20. Finger Glove Henna Art For Trendy Look

Finger glove henna tattoos look very pretty. They are found in most Arabic mehndi designs. The intricate patterns with grids, net, shapes, floral, and leaf motifs make this Arabic design very attractive. This trendy henna design is the new best for wedding seasons. Ditch the whole hand and opt for one finger mehndi designs for that eye-catching appeal.

Image Courtesy: Henna For Wedding

Here was our gallery of 20 pretty finger mehndi designs that you must try for that perfect ethnic look. Mix and match various patterns and styles of henna art and let your imaginations run wild.

Do share your finger mehndi designs with us.

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