A group of around 40 passionate mothers came together Saturday Evening to participate in the First-Of-Its Kind Babywearing Flashmob in Pune. The sole purpose of the flash mob, held in Westend Mall, Aundh, Pune, was to spread the awareness and joy of Babywearing.

BabywearingWhat Is Babywearing And What Are Its Benefits?

Having a baby, for many, means your social life ceases to exist as before. Many mothers have gone through the phase where after having a baby they are scared to step out of the house for various reasons. Babywearing changes that. One can be as social as one wants and do many things that they used to before having a baby, with the baby in tow! How awesome is that!

BabywearingBaby wearing means carrying the baby, close to your heart, in a an ergonomic carrier. Babywearing has many benefits like ease in breastfeeding, reducing reflux, helping babies sleep better and cry lesser. Babywearing helps the caregiver bond with the baby, be it the mom, dad or grandparent. It also helps in physical and emotional development of the baby. Babywearing helps you be hands-free. It helps moms take care of the older baby while attending to the younger one. It helps ease the strain on your back and the baby’s as well. It also helps fight postpartum depression and aids in baby’s cognitive development. Babywearing also helps Moms achieve a fit and active lifestyle.

BabywearingStylewhack spoke to the organizing team of the event, to get to know the inspiration of doing this.

flashmobJigna Malwankar said “Some of the mom’s met in Pinkathon Babywearing Walk and we were thinking to keep meeting every month. Then we thought why not to have flash-mob in Pune as well and have some fun as most of the cities were doing it. So then we started planning from end of Oct and today we finally did today. I feel that we should get all Pune’s moms together and this event is perfect way to meet all moms from different part of the city.”

FlashmobflashmobAkshaya says “We’ve reaped the benefits of babywearing and want to share it with the world. We thought this is the best way to do it and have some fun as well. Mothers can do anything right?”

flashmobPradnya says: “Dancing is our passion and FlashMob is a way to rekindle my passion and spread awareness about something we are passionate about- babywearing.”

flashmobJahanvi Says “Baby-wearing has helped to keep my younger daughter close to me as well as it helps me focus on my elder son and lets me follow my passion of running my library.”

BabywearingFlashMob is something that is fun and exciting and as moms that’s something our lives lack at times. With the help of a Baby-wearing dad and choreographer Mrudang, the super moms have been able to put up an awesome performance together.

BabywearingThe event was extremely fun and inspirational as many other parents came forward to get the knowledge about correct baby wearing techniques and about the variety of carriers that can be used for the same.



Video of the flashmob coming out soon.

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