7 Different Types Of Food Eaters That We Find Regularly

food eaters

People are of different types. There will be differences in the various things they do as well. The way they walk, the way they dress, the way they smile, the way they do various other things will be different from one another. But have you ever thought of the various types of food eaters? Haven’t right!! But you might have seen them on various occasions and laughed, smiled or just turned your face away. So, here we gather and present you to some of the different types of food eaters that we may find around us. Just have a look and remind us if we missed any.

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Types of Food Eaters That You Must Know

The Picky Eaters

These are the kind of the people who will be very choosy and picky about what they eat. They don’t eat everything, and anything. They are very choosy and picky about what kinds of foods or what types of foods they eat. They have only certain things in their ‘Like list’ and they just don’t go beyond those foods.

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The Slow Eaters

The second type of food eaters in our list of eaters is the slow eaters. They just enjoy the taste, smell, texture, and looks of the food. They are the type of people who don’t wish to rush things or they may just love to indulge themselves in the taste of food and love to enjoy the food. These type of people are usually found in schools and college lunch times and they are the ones who continue to eat their food until the bell rings. They are the ones who will be eating until they pick up the plates in marriages and functions.

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The Menu Diggers

These are the type of people who wish to try eating different things. They love to experiment and try new food items. When they visit restaurants or hotels they would love to dig in the menu card and order different items each and every time. They would like to eat different food items each and every time. They also would like to explore various places just to eat different foods.

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The Lip Smacking Ones

These are the type of food eaters who will be eating the food by lip-smacking their fingers by making various kinds of weird sounds. They would be slurping, smacking the fingers, spoons, lips, plates and all. They will get awkward looks from the people around them.

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The Organic Freaks

The other type of food eaters is the organic freaks who will just like to eat everything organic. Yes, there is also such kind of people who would love to feed themselves with only organic food. They would like to go anywhere if they get to know that the restaurant serves just organic.

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The Uncontrollable

These are the other type of food eaters who couldn’t just control themselves when they see food. They couldn’t stop themselves and resist themselves from eating above their capacity. In fact, they don’t even know where and when to stop eating.

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The Time To Time Eaters

These kind of people are the ones who have some certain kind of eating regime. They strictly follow that and depending on that they eat from time to time. Usually thinking this kind of people will have three meals a day breakfast at 8 in the morning and lunch at 1 in the noon and again dinner at around 8 in the night. Nothing in between and they don’t even cross or miss these timings as well.

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What kind of eater are you? Tag your friends who belong to any of these types of eaters.

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