Chutney is a must have side item of Indian origin, which completes any meal.  So, today we bring you some tribal chutney recipes. Chutneys might add extra vibe to every lunch or dinner but when it comes to chutneys of tribals it goes with every food you want to add on. It’s very sizzling and makes mouth-watering and different when adding chillies a lot. Mostly they they do roasted and raw chutneys and roasted chutneys are famous in North-eastern parts. It is easy to prepare and tasty to have. Roasted and raw foods are good because the use of oil is less and this reduces the fat and calorie content of the food.

So, in this hot weather go for some pretty quick chutney recipes good for your health too. Here are few to try out…..

1.Bilahir satoni (tomato chutney)

Did you know that tomato is actually a fruit and not vegetable? Well, forget  about that, concentrate on how to make the bong chutney of it. Take 2-3 medium size chutney and cut them into irregular size (or desired shapes). Now, green chillies according to your need like may be 3-4 cut them into small round pieces. Big onion cut into long. Now sprinkle salt and mix well. Squeeze some lemon. At last, for garnish tear some mint and coriander.

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2.Puraa satoni (roasted chutney)

The combnation of tomato, fresh green chillies and onion is mouth-watering when it comes to roasting. To prepare first roast 2 tomatoes and 5 five chillies. Cut onions into large pieces. After this smash the tomatoes and chillies with finger tips, add salt and a drop of oil. Mix the onion last and serve hot.

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  1. Puraa nohuru satoni (roasted garlic and chillies)

To prepare this you need to roast garlics and  chillies on a hot tawa. After it’s done place it on plate add little salt and chilli powder. Add a drop of oil and smash them with your thumb tip. Have this when you are too lazy to prepare your masala chutney.

Roasted garlic and chillies ChutneyImage Source

  1. Paat satoni (leafy chutney)

The leafy chutney is actually combinig different leaves like tamarind, masala leaf, curry leaf, pudina and coriander. Roast some red chillies, 5 garlic cloves and then add the leaves into okhal (traditional grinder), put salt and grind them well.

pea-and-mint-ChutneyImage Source

  1. Channa roast, coriander and ginger chutney

The last chutney to try. Which is pretty different. First you need to have some boil channas. Now, roast ginger or garlic, channa, chilies and coriander leaves on  hot tawa. When you are done take a okhal and put everything you have roasted into it. Add lillte salt, chilli powder, chat masala and grind it fine. Grinding into okhal makes chutneys tastier than those electronic grinders.

Channa roast, coriander and ginger chutneyImage Source

We are pretty sure after reading this article you might have thought of these combinations but never tried, but you need to try them. Please comment below if you like our “bong chutney” recipes.

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