Parsis being the descendants of Zoroastrians fled Iran during Arab invasion and settled down in the west coast of India. They are very well known for their unique cuisine and lavish meals. Nothing can beat the splendid food during Navroz festival of Parsis and their food is like dream come true for all the non-vegetarians. Iranian Zoroastrians loved spending hours cooking meals and devouring the amazing taste later. Here are the five mouth watering, tummy grumbling traditional recipes that are a hallmark of Parsi cuisine and must try for all the meat lovers out there.

Wafer Par Ida (Eggs on Potato chips)


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If you are a lover of potatoes and eggs then here is a mind-blowing starter to be tried. The Parsi way of making eggs – cooking them on top of potato chips will leave you licking fingers.

Patra Ni Machhi (Steamed Fish)

patrani macchi

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The most famous Parsi Favorite. We can find this in many Parsi weddings – fish cooked with green chutney wrapped in banana leaves. Here is the recipe featured on the show KhanaKhazana.


                   Pomfret fillets 8

                   Coconut 1/2 cup

                   Fresh coriander leaves 1 cup

                   Salt to taste

                   Green chillies 4

                   Cumin seeds 3-4 teaspoons

                   Garlic 6-8 cloves

                   Lemon juice 4 tablespoons

                   Banana leaves 3-4


Step 1 – Start by cutting fish fillets into two inches. Now, grind coconut, coriander leaves, salt, green chillies, cumin seeds, garlic and lemon juice to a smooth chutney.

Step 2 – Put the fish pieces in this chutney for about twenty minutes to marinate. Cut banana leaves into smaller pieces and place the marinated fish in the center of each banana leaf piece and smear some of the green chutney on them.

Step 3 – Fold in the ends to cover completely and it will look like a parcel. You can either steam these fish parcels or cook on a tawa. To steam place them in a steamer and steam for five-six minutes. To cook on a tawa, pre-heat oil and place the parcels on it.

Step 4 – Cook parcels on both sides by turning them time-to-time. When the banana leaves turn light brown turn off the heat. It is cooked now. Let the person eating the parcel open it; do not open it beforehand.

Sev (Nutty Vermicelli Dessert)


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Visit a Parsi home on any auspicious day; Sev will be served along with sweet yogurt (Mithoo Dahi). No matter what the occasion is – Birthday, Anniversary, Festival, Family get together, Sev occupies a dignified place on the table.

Dal Ni Pori (Sweetened Lentils stuffed in a pastry)

 Dal ni pori

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Dal Ni Pori is a pastry served during tea time. During Parsi wedding, bride’s family sends Dal Ni Pori to the groom’s family. Enjoy it on a evening with your friends and family and no doubt you will be left speechless devouring the delectable taste!



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Parsi Zoroastrians most favorite and popular recipe is Dhansak. It is cooked with different kind of lentils, vegetables, Dhansak Masala and with Mutton. It can also be cooked with lamb, goat or chicken instead of mutton in lentil or toor daal gravy. Dhansak Masala is the aromatic mix of different spices from Gujarati and Persian cuisine and this masala forms a base for cooking meat, chicken, mutton and other dishes.

Drooling, isn’t it? Go get a bite of this delicious cuisine!

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