Hey Friends! There are many occasions and you may have countless things which you can gift to your beloved friends. But if the gifts were to be funny they will certainly add on to some laughter.

Here we have compiled a list of eight least expected funny gifts which will blow your friends into laughter.

These gifts are easy to make or readily available in the market and with a little work around can be made into really funny things.


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Is there someone you know who does not know how to eat with chopsticks, we hope there must be a lot of such friends! . So here is a simple idea for making a funny pair of chopsticks. Get a pair of chopsticks and a wooden cloth clip, attach the cloth clip on chopsticks with glue and voila! You have a funny pair of chopsticks which are easy to use.

Shit Shaped Cake:

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Do your part to stop the trend of always gifting a tempting cake. Make or buy a cake which is of shit shape. It will surely make the person laugh. Its is for sure cake will be the only thing left uneaten!


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Get a water bottle and just change the label as ‘OH SHIT! IT’S MELTED SNOWMEN’. It will be the funniest gift.

Frame the most awkward photo:

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Imagine your friends’  face when they’ll  see their  most awkward photo framed. You might be having  many awkward photos of your friends, frame the most awkward one as a gift.

Money Jelly:

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Not just kids, even adults like jelly. So, make some jelly or buy some and put a coin in each. Label them as ‘MONEY JELLY’.

Door Hangers:

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Best gifts for your newly married couple friends. Make or buy door hangers saying  ‘I AM FUCKING OFF, DO NOT DISTURB’ or ‘DO NOT DISTURB, I AM DISTURBED ENOUGH ALREADY’. Why not! cold feat can be transferred through gifts

Diet Chart:

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There might be health conscious friends in your friend list who are always on fancy diets. So it’s the time to gift them the real diet chart. Instead of putting DIET CHART put baby cutlery in a box and label it as ‘DIET CHART’. It will be the best diet control method for your friend.

Fart Controller:

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If one of your friend has a habit of farting at awkward moments,  gift a used bottle CORK to that friend. Paste a label as ‘Fart Controller’.  Your friend will surely die with laughing.

We hope now you are ready to rock the upcoming special day with these gifting ideas. Give the gift of laughter to your friends!

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