Funny Indian Names

9 Funny Indian Names That Will Make You Feel Grateful To Your Parents

“What is your name” is probably the definite question when we meet someone for the first time. The inquisitive feeling to know the other persons’ name will be in everyone by default. That is what motivates us in raising this question.

But have you ever thought of such weird funny named people, how they feel about revealing their names while introducing themselves to others?

What kind of situations did they go through each and every day? So, here we are providing you a list of some really funny Indian names that will definitely make you feel blessed and thankful to your parents for not giving you these names.

Remember how much backlash Kareena & Saif received for naming their son Taimur which is the name of a Muslim king from history, that’s not a bad, weird or funny name though. But the young parents got backlashed for naming their son what they want.

Naming an individual is not any simple task but that may come with many such reactions. So, we completely understand and respect every name and our attempt at compiling these funny names is not disrespect anyone but purely for some entertainment. We hope you understand it.

Funny Indian Names

Here is a list of funny Indian names that will make you laugh

1. Adolf Lu Hitler Rangsa Marak

Indian Funny names 1

Isn’t it weird and sometimes funny to be named after history’s most cruel ruler? Adolf Hitler, this name is all of the negativity and no one can never ever think of naming their babies this name. But I don’t know how and why there is a guy named after this cruel ruler.

Adolf Lu Hitler Rangsa Marak is a politician from Meghalaya. When asked about his name and what he faces due to this name. He father knew it but he didn’t care much about history it seems.

He also said he didn’t find any difficulty in getting a visa but he has been interviewed a lot of times by the immigration staff. Having a name like this seems funny, but they need to go through some weird situations in life.

2. Ravindra Banchhod

Indian funny names 2

You may be thinking that what’s wrong with the name. Look at the surname and you will know what is wrong with the name. He seems to be an architect-planner but it would be great if his parents have planned better before naming him as well.

Having a surname like this will be hell. It will be a freakily terrible experience to have when everyone is making fun of your name and laughing.

3. Napoleon Einstein

Napoleon Einstein - funny indian names

The next one in our list of funny Indian names comes to the name of the young cricketer from Tamil Nadu. Napoleon Einstein is a 24-year-old cricketer who plays for Chennai Super Kings, and the cricketer from the under 19 Indian cricket team.

His name is not actually funny but will definitely sound weird as it is, in fact, two names of two popular personalities Napoleon and Einstein.

When asked about his name, he said as his family is a rationalist family, they don’t want to name him after the God names. So, they named him after two popular, inspiring personalities.

4. Modi Sarkar

indian funny names

This one will be a weird name in the current context. It may not be this much weird and funny if we have heard it a few years back or at least if we hear it a few years later.

You didn’t get that yet? What is the Sarkar in the center now, yeah you got it now right! It is his name that defines the answer. This is the name of a dental surgeon and it is quite weird to have this name in the current context.

5. James Bond Singh

infian funny names

You might already be laughing if I am not wrong. Having this name after the popular Hollywood’s fictional action hero is definitely funny. Don’t even think of the situation of a person who has this name when he is with his friends.

They will just roast him out. James Bond 007, Hollywood’s popular figure is not anything funny, but having that name as yours may be weird. This name will throw you in various weird situations.

6. K.N. Chutia

funny names

You may be very much a highly qualified individual, but your name also matters and helps you in getting the respect that you deserve. But think of such people who have this kind of weird names.

He has got a degree and he is a highly qualified doctor, but look at his surname that doesn’t seem to allow him to take the respect that he may deserve from the people and the patients. Imagine, how many weird and funny situations he might have gone through with that name?

7. Tiger Shroff

funny names in india

This is another one of the funny Indian names in our list of names. This name of the popular Bollywood young hero might not sound weird as we have been used to this name so much. Because he is a celebrity, we must have been hearing this name so much and that might have made us got used to it.

But do you remember your first reaction when you heard this name for the first time? It will definitely be awkward when you first heard it. Jackie Shroff would have named him better.

8. Pornika Das

funny names

The young ones who will be on the nerve of enthusiasm and energy couldn’t just stop themselves from teasing this poor girl I guess. How unfortunate she is being named after this name.

Imagine what she had to go through every time she introduces herself to someone new and she will be in a kind of awkward, weird situation.

9. Madar Chod Payare

indian funny names

This is probably one of the must include names in our list of funny Indian names. The person named after this might be one of the unfortunate persons. Imagine every time someone calls him by his name, it feels like they are abusing him.

If you are struggling to generate Indian name here is a tool for you – INDIAN NAME GENERATOR

So, if you find people with these names, please show some empathy towards them.

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