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Imagine you are at work and you get to meet some cute pooches to play with and de-stress yourselves! Isn’t this cute? Well, this must have excited you a bit but trust us- It’s for real. Now, you can de-stress yourselves with an army of adorable doggies with this Gurgaon-based startup called Fur Ball Story.

Fur Ball Story is an organization where the dogs are trained to provide a pet therapy at workplace, schools, hospitals and residence. This great idea struck Animesh Katiyar (Founder), who saw two Labrador puppies solving problems like homesickness and absenteeism at his college. This ignited the genius’ brain. He googled the concept of pet therapy and discussed it with Srishti Sharma and Arushi Dixit (Co-founders). This is the story behind Fur Ball Story and it’s successful existence.

The dogs that they bought are registered with kennel clubs and are bought from government recognized ethical breeders. Currently, Fur Ball Story has adopted one dog named Angel. Meet the furry army here!

Meet this poochie Cocoa!

Meet this adorable fur, Muffin!

Meet Angel!

Meet the cuties with their team!

Struggles transforming to Victory!

“We have been struggling hard to get this concept accepted. However, people do believe in the ability of dogs to cure stress, which is why within just 3 to 4 months of operations, we have started receiving the humongous amount of replies from all across India and few from abroad as well. Fund crunch is still an issue but with so much support and wide acceptance, hopefully, it will vanish soon. Although there is a criticism of all sorts, yet in our case, the positives have been overshadowing the negatives big time.”

Depression is a serious problem these days and all you need is a company of lovable dogs to cure depression! People at first didn’t accept such a novel idea because they thought that it was just a part time job that they were all doing. In order to get it approved, they lingered around with the proof of systematic studies conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University and Harvard Medical School.

Animals are better than humans to cure stress fighters!

“Especially in India, people take a while to digest a novel concept. Our aim really is to eliminate stress right at the basic level so that it doesn’t aggravate and take the shape of depression. We take our therapy dogs to organizations to help people in getting a feeling of belongingness and for them to experience unconditional love. With people fighting stress, such an interaction results in them feeling accepted and more comfortable after spending time with someone who they know doesn’t judge them and accepts them, likes them for who they are. It gives them a direction and motivation to keep it going.”

Give and take relationship of love!

“The best part about animal therapy, that hardly anybody understands, is that it actually helps the pets too. Human interaction frames the most important part of a dog’s life. It gives them a sense of appreciation and makes them feel loved and cared for (scientifically proven).” The dogs at Fur Ball Story are trained by an intentionally certified trainer, Varun Anand. Training helps the dogs to be at ease and obedient. They are trained in a way that they can perceive stress in a human and act accordingly. They do not accept any sort of donation. What an idea!

Help people de-stress worldwide and make them feel paws-itive!

“Our plan is to expand to Mumbai by the end of this year. Also, we intend to spread the concept of animal assisted therapy far and wide in India. Every organization should adopt it and we hope this will reduce the rate of depression stricken people in the country.”

What an unusual idea for the people to get loved and cared in the company of dogs! We know that after reading an amazing story of Fur Ball you cannot resist but call and let such cute balls of fur enter at your doorsteps! This is the power of dogs because animals are way better than humans!

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