Ganesh Chaturthi – A Message From The Heart Of An Indian


Recently we met Anurag Anantwar, a smart young 8th standard boy from Vidya Valley School, Pune.

We shared very nice thoughts, discussed about environment, social responsibilities, awareness, youth power. It is such a delight to see hopes in eyes of this young generation who think about our earth, social responsibility and empowerment of oneself. While sharing many thoughts, one novel thought he shared that we should take some action, one step to saving mother earth its rivers and sea.

Ganesh Chaturthi is very big festival in Maharashtra and few other states. People buy super cute, realistic and amazing idols which are made up of cement, plaster of paris or other non-degradable material. They keep these idols in house treat them like god, worship them, and after 10 days festival ends and with all celebrations and heavy heart its time to say bye to Ganesha, as idols will be immersed in water on 10th Day.

But what next! These idols are just put into river or sea, where they are broken, hurt, distorted in very bad condition. Does anyone would love to see their god in this condition, No ofcourse!

Here is a solution!

From past few year Anurag is making his own Ganpati idol at home with mud and clay. After 10th day of celebration he and his family go ahead and immerse it in home and use that water to plants.

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Idols which were treated like god are not thrown they are spread over house in other form! This is what god is like presence in all form. Isn’t it?

So wake up and think about what you are doing to your beloved Ganesha. If this small young kid can think then surely we can also!

Here is small amateur video made by him to depict his thoughts.

Change should start from oneself and if we bring change in even one person we are successful throughout.

Wish you a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi from Anurag Anantwar and his family and whole Stylewhack Team.

Here is Anurag Anantwar and his ideal family

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