Festivals are always a time to rejoice and bond with family along with treasuring our culture and rituals! Ganesh Festival is no exception to the above. But with time, Indians are becoming global. There is always a complaint from our ancestors that we are not taking the rich culture ahead with us. To break this myth, Stylewhack collated stories from all around the world where our culture is still being preserved!

Let us meet a few of the Global Indians who are still desi at heart and celebrated Ganesh Festival with full fun and fervour –
Trupty Acharya, USA
Trupty Acharya resides in USA and reminisces the good old days of Ganesh Festival back home when it was officially a no study day. She further says, “Life has changed and so has the place, with all the add-on benefits of the new culture something is being missed; the conviviality, large gatherings and of course the loud music! Far away from home rejuvenating the same experience was challenging, but we wanted to try. We are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi for 3 years now and it makes us feel more close to our homeland. With Puja, Aarti, Prasad and a few guests, it was perfect!”
Trupty Ganesh
Speaking from the heart about culture preservation, Trupty further says “I personally feel that it’s us who can keep our culture alive and pass it on to our future generations irrespective of the place we stay in or the new society and customs we embrace!”
Bhavna Kalra, Australia

A food blogger from Mumbai now staying in Sydney, Bhavna Kalra speaks about Ganpati Bappa and the food she prepared for the special occasion. Bhavna says, “He is here again. The remover of obstacles, the lover of good food, the one who is a powerhouse of knowledge and harbinger of good luck. He doesn’t believe in dieting, the one who carries his potbelly with Elan. The one tusk wonder, the one whose world revolves around his parents. The Almighty who shows us the value of patience and the downfall in arrogance. The great one whose heart lives in his stomach, the one who is worshipped before anyone else. And the only way you can welcome this special guest today is by making good food and hoping that he can feel your devotion through your fingers as they prepared a meal just for him.”

Ganesh Food

The Food

Bhavna further talks about the food she prepared, “Stir fry Beans and Carrots with Coconut, Cumin Rice and Dal fry, Capsicum and Potatoes, Cottage Cheese with Peas, Boondi raita, Koshimbir (Maharashtrian style salad with a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves), Radish, Pickle, Mango chutney and Papadums. Of course Ganesha knows that I am a terrible Roti maker so I ensured that the birthday boy didn’t have to eat them but because he has such a big sweet tooth I made Coconut and Almond Ladoos to complete the meal. Looks like a happy meal that he would love, don’t you agree? Ganpati Bappa Moraya.”

Sonali Prakash Pande, USA
Sonali Pande who shifted to the US 4 years ago, misses all the fun they used to have back home. Both her home and her in law’s home, celebrated Ganesh Festival for entire 10 days. She talks animatedly about the Ganesh Festival in US, “We started celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi since the time we moved to USA. We cook traditional food for all 10 days, along with different varieties of modak. We also call our friends for Prasad.

Sonali Ganesh
Sonali emphasizes on the fact that all 10 days there is a surge of happiness and peace at home. Now with her son joining them for the prayers, the festival has become an extra special moment for the family!
Harika Dhurbhakula, USA

For Harika, Ganesh Festival back home was all about organizing the Ganpati Pandal in the residential society they lived back then. The nitty gritties of the organization – idol selection, decoration, permission from elders and getting it all done is what Harika misses a lot. At home, Harika remembers cleaning up the puja room. Getting all the required fruits, flowers, pathri (21 different kind of leaves which are offered to the god), palavelli (a form of plank made out of bamboo wood that serves as roof to the ganesh idols mandir). The most important thing used to be Ganesh idol made out of black soil.

Harika GaneshTalking about the celebrations in US, she says Compared to such high spirits, it was a calm and devotional kind of celebrations in the US. We prepared traditional festive menu, did puja before stepping out for work and munch on the prepared dishes in the name of god. The lack of easy accessibility to eco friendly ganesha made me explore my hand at preparing a idol of my own. Using all the creativity I made one out of wheat flour and turmeric. At times staying away from India helps you in exploring  hidden talents”.
Lord Ganesh, spreads happiness wherever he goes! India or abroad, this Lord ensures that he gets his modaks too! Festivals bring people together, irrespective of the place. Cultures are still alive and flourishing.
If you have your own Ganesh Festival story, please comment below. Let us know how you enjoyed this festive season!
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