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Alibaug is so named because a Bene Israelite, Ali used to live there with a huge plantation of coconuts and mangoes. Alibaug is blessed with half a dozen of beaches and is a small town on the western coast in Kokan region, Raigad district, Maharashtra. The main city of Alibaug which is nearly 300 years old is well connected from Mumbai as well as from Pune.

Towards the end of 17th century, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre created the town of Alibaug. He was the chief naval officer from the kingdom of the great Maratha Warrior-King Shivaji.

How to Reach:

Nearest Railway Station: Roha/ Panvel.
Nearest Airport: Mumbai Airport.
By Road: Mumbai-Panvel-Pen-Shahabaj-Samarth Nagar-Alibaug. (Approx.130 kms).

State transport buses are available at regular intervals of time from Borivli, Thane, Dombivli, Panvel, Nasik, Kolhapur, etc.

If you are planning to go for a drive to Alibaug, then the road travel is decent till Panvel, but after that the major part of road is really very bad. So if you are driving with kids and elderly, then add one more hour to your destination time, as you will have to slow down.

By Ferry:

A better and time saving option to reach Alibaug is by sea route. The ferry takes 45 minutes. A/C and non A/C ferry services are active from morning 6.15 am to 6 pm.

If you want to have a beach bike ride then, you can load your bike in Ferry and enjoy the cool sea breezes.

  • Operators:

MALDAR Catamarans (A/C), PNP Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd (A/C) and AJANTA operates to and from Gate Way of India. These operators offer bus services between Alibaug bus depot and Mandwa Jetty. This road transport expenses are included in the Ferry ticket and are convenient as well.  You can get down in between drop points.

  • Costing:

The ferry tickets are available from 2 working counters or you can reserve your seat as well from the counters.

A/C ticket cost- 150 INR per person.

Non-A/C ticket cost- 135 INR per person for upper deck and

110 INR per person for lower one.

  • Services:

The ferry have small canteen on ferry as well, which provides mineral water, hot and cold beverages, snacks and sandwiches.

Alibaug Beach:

Alibaug beach is the most famous tourist spot. This place is clean and serene. The moment you reach the black sand beach, the heart robbing sight of Kulaba fort will melt your heart. Enjoy the romantic sea breeze with coconut water and refreshing chat items from local vendors. If you wish to spice up your adrenaline rush, then sports activities can be tried here. Water sports facilities are great and include speed boat ride, banana ride, beach scooters, and jet skis. Para-sailing is also available here. Alibaug beach has little rocky sand which may hurt your kids, so be watchful.

ADVISE: Tourists are advised not to risk their lives at the beginning of high tides, the distance to shore may seem to be small, but the water starts to fill the area at very fast rate towards the end of low tide. Boats are available for journey.

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Varsoli Beach:

The pristine Varsoli beach is situated towards the outskirts of Alibaug beach.  The sand is white and water is clear. Very few tourists approach this beach, so the place is quiet and perfect for relaxation. The sunset from this beach is scenic. Pepper up your travel with water sports activity in this stretch of beach.

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Kihim Beach:

Kihim beach has scenic beauty, lush vegetation and clear water makes it an exotic place to explore the natural beauty.

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Aakshi Beach:

Aakshi beach offers a spectacular view of Alibaug beach and Kulaba fort. The Aakshi beach has abundance of Suru trees and thus inhabits many birds, making a paradise for bird-watchers. The water is calm on this long flat stretch of beach and thus makes it an ideal picnic spot for kids and non-swimmers.

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Nagaon Beach:

This beach is also known as Satad beach. It is located just 7 kms away from the crowded Alibaug center and thus fetches attention of the tourists who are relaxation seekers.  This beach is famous for its undeterred water and you can have a mesmerizing walk through coconut and beetle nut plantation.

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Kashid Beach:

A beautiful beach with glittery silvery white sand is captivating. You may be lucky to witness the shooting of cinemas and serials when you visit this popular beach. This beach is famous for it’s Goa like features. It’s one of the cleanest beaches of the coastline.

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Korali Beach:

If you are fascinated towards the alternate black and white sand stripes, then visit to Korali beach is a must.

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Awas Beach:

This beach attaches huge stretch of Mandawa beach on right and Kihim beach on left, and hence known as Belt of beaches covering 10 kms.

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Murud Beach:

Best beach for sea bathing. Rajwada of Nawab and their buildings are the famous tourist attractions. Enjoy an exclusive sunset with a beautiful blend of mountain ranges and clear water having white sandy shore.

Thal Beach:

An isolated beach just 5 kms from Alibaug.

Agardana Jetty, Rewdanda Port and Mandwa port offers ferry services and the beaches give an untouched view of the beauty and scenery to the bohemian travelers.

Where to Stay: Homestays and lavish resorts are available along with budget hotels.

Best Season: October to May is best season to enjoy these beaches.

Plan a fascinating holiday with friends or family, carry a cricket kit or a book to make your trip worth the way you like. Bag pack and head for any of the finest and dazzling beaches of Alibaug this weekend!  


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