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If you thought being classy and getting unique designer dresses for you is a long lost cause, here is a new reason to start believing in it again! Myrah India, which is based in Bangalore and soon to open stores in other cities of the country is your one stop destination to cater to all your fashion needs.


Myrah literally means ‘Princess’ in Greek. What the Myrah store does is – transforms you into a princess with their flawless taste in fashion combined with your own attitude! Let us take a look at what Myrah has to offer –

Myrah is not just a Store. It is an ‘Experience’!
Myrah believes that every person is unique and what looks good on an American Model need not look good on you. Or the saree which the Bollywood actress flaunted in the hit song may not be the one for you. Myrah strongly believes that ‘You are unique, defined by your life experiences. Your style reflects your attitude. And at Myrah, we celebrate that.’ Myrah tries its level best to bring out clothing that is uniquely you.

Now which brand caters to your personality and your attitude the way Myrah does?


Distinct and Unique Designs
Yes, you heard it right! Myrah does not provide you with a rack of same design clothes to choose. Rather they have a unique collection of clothes, which are one of a kind to suit your taste.  In their Indian attire section, every piece is solitary which will not be made or sold again. Can you believe that? Think about the embarrassment you had faced last time at your workplace party where you had to swallow all the humiliation when your colleague also turned up in the same one piece! But with Myrah, you can be rest assured that it will not happen again!


Customized Designs according to your Body Frame
If you loved an outfit in their shop, but you feel it is slightly long for you. Worry not! Myrah will be more than happy to customize the dress according to your height. If you loved a dress but do not like sleeveless dresses – again Myrah comes for the rescue. Myrah will help you select a fabric for the sleeves which will suit your complexion and body frame and as well as will go with your chosen dress. And tadaaa – your dream dress will be ready for you!

Myrah also does customized couture for you taking into consideration your idea and gets to work with sourcing the right fabric, collaborating with the designers and taking a thumbs up from you for the design and finally getting you your tailor made dream outfit for the special occasions.


The Super Talented Team
The journey of Myrah started merely four months ago, when the founder Sreetama quit her job as an IT Technical Writer and finally thought of materializing her dream. Sreetama is backed up by 18 budding designers from all over India whom she has hand picked herself and who are giving life to fabrics at Myrah today!


Not Overtly Priced as other Boutiques and Big Brands
Myrah is not overtly priced as compared to the unique fabric and accessories they use in their designs. The ethnic wear starts from INR 1750/- and the western wear starts from INR 899/-. That doesn’t seem to be a big price for being treated like a princess, right?


Pet Friendly Store
What is an added attraction is that Myrah is a pet friendly store and loves your furry friends as much as you! They pride in hosting your pets while you are involved in your transformation at the store. Their brand mascot is also a dog named Hachi! The founder also has rescued dogs in her family!

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Myrah is expanding and it will be soon participating in an Exhibition in Pune hosted by StyleCracker Borough at Westin on 31-Jan-2015 and then in February 2016, Myrah goes International – they are getting showcased in Pure London!

So what are you waiting for, get set to have a lifetime shopping experience at Myrah India online or visit their shop in Bangalore at – 279, 5th Cross, 1st Stage, Behind Toit, Indiranagar from 11am-9pm (Mondays closed). Or call them for the perfect tailor made dress at +91 9620982358. Happy Shopping!


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