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Let’s face it. No matter how much you hate other girls or envy them, you’ll always need a girlfriend in your life. Admit it; girls make your life much, much better. In most of the movies and soaps, ladies are shown to be on the negative side, or the main villain if not negative side. But if you look deeper into your lives, you realize how girls actually make it a little better, if not more.

Let’s look into 10 point why your girlfriends are your real saviours…

#1: “You bitch freely, lady!”

When you’re with them, you can bitch about anyone or anything in this world and no one will judge you. In fact, they’ll participate.

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#2: Whatever you have is less.

Sadly, your wardrobe is never enough. You’ll ALWAYS lack some or the other thing to complete your party looks. So in this case, your girlfriend with a good dressing sense is the biggest saviour and they’re your goddess for that night.

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#3: It’s never too late to talk about the very existence of human race. 

You both can have late night conversations about aliens, galaxies, after life and what not, and still not get bored of it. Like, I have literally had conversations about all this with my roommate till 5:30 in the morning and we never got bored of it.

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#4: You’ll know if you’re looking fat in that dress! 

You don’t ever have to worry about the honest advice if you have HER in your life. She’ll tell you all the angles you’re looking bad from (provided you’re close to her). She’s also a fashion stylist when time comes…girlfriend 4

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#5: A best friend is one who lives your pain. 

You can NEVER expect it from a guy friend, no matter however and how much you try. A guy would never understand what we go through in those few days of the month. But with her, you don’t have to explain… just give her the look and she’ll know the devil’s here. And she never gets irritated or annoyed when you shout at her in your periods… because she knows her time will also come.girlfriend 5

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#6: Nothing’s like having everyone on your side. 

When it comes to a ditching boyfriend, everyone, literally EVERYONE is your best friend. And they are ready to go and kick him in the balls for you! You are the princess.girlfriend 6

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#7: You can cry freely in movies! 

You know you have all the freedom when you have the licence to cry awkwardly while watching silly movies and not being judged at the same time. There there!

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#8: Functions don’t matter, dressing up does! 

Spending hours and hours dressing up is more fun than actually attending the function. You get to try new things, click photos in the process, choose from each other’s collection and try all the possibilities that can complement your dress.

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#9: When everything in this world is annoying.

You can complain about little- little things in this world and they’ll understand, because we all have the times when we hate life and the existence of human race.

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#10: Because documenting is fun!

Every moment you document together has its own essence and stories behind it. Girls never get short of poses or expressions, so you’ll have A LOT of stuff to laugh at when you’re 80!

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So all you gals out there, Be Happy. Celebrate every single day with your Girlfriend!

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