The Geeky Glasses Story – 7 Things only a ‘Chashmish’ can Relate to

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No wonder, throughout your life people judged you for being ‘geek’, ‘nerdy’, ‘miss studious’ etc. just because you have to wear those ‘glasses’. As per the trend, geek look is something that makes you stand out in the crowd. Glasses give a sense of perfection and mature appeal to your look. However, you have your own everyday struggles to deal with!

A day without ‘glasses’ is something you can’t even imagine in your dreams. Here we put those 7 things that a ‘Chashmish’ can relate (we can feel your pain buddy)!

1. ‘Four-eyes’ is my nickname

Over the years, right from the time you first realized that you are facing difficulty in seeing and get spectacles from an early age, your world crashed down.

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People around you gives you a weird look, call you ‘four eyes’, ‘nerd’ etc. And this is something that became natural for you. You don’t give a damn about it anymore!

2. I love being Nerdy and Padhakoo

 Whether it is among your school friends, tuition friends or college friends, everyone considers you ‘smartest’ among all. Thanks to the glasses!

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And you seriously feel- Oh! Please stop judging me. Mind your own business, please!

3. A second without glasses = Horror

 The moment you can’t find glasses around you

Without Glasses
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And when you finally found your glasses

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4. I hate hot food

As it causes blackout for a moment when a cloud of fog hits your glasses.

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And you struggle badly to clean it!

5. 3D movies are not my cup of tea

Because you can only understand the struggle to wear ‘glasses over glasses’

3D Glasses
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And this is just not tolerable at all!

6. Adjusting glasses is too much a work

 Throughout your day, you end of doing this every second –

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And you don’t feel like doing it anymore!

7. No look of yours is complete ‘without your glasses’

Whether it is an outing, date night or party after work.

Hot glasses
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And you carry it like a boss!

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