Go-To Winter Fashion And Beauty Tips For 2020: Get Inspired

Its winter! The chills and snow fill the atmosphere. It’s time to enjoy the nip in the air. However, winters can play havoc when it comes to your looks and fashion statements. The dryness in the air causes dry and flaky skin; chapped lips; dandruff; and hair fall if adequate care is not taken.
Our wardrobes get loaded with fluffy winter gear and we start to run out of trendy outfits real quick.

Great style in the darkest and coldest winter days is possible with these beauty tips and fashion trends.

Here is how you can take care of your beauty and fashion needs in winter.

Winter Beauty Tips For Your Skin And Hair

Winter is that time of the year you need to take utmost care of your skin and hair care regimen.
Here are some must-know winter beauty tips for you –

Skin Care Hacks

During winters skin gets dry, flaky and chapped. It needs to be moisturized more often than during summers. Let’s check how to keep skin healthy during the cold and dry weather:

  • Watch your diet: Food intake impacts greatly on your skin texture. A nutritious diet and plenty of water will keep your skin well hydrated and healthy.
  • Use moisturizers: Opt for cold creams and body lotions that moisturize your skin and keep it supple. If you want to go natural use a mixture of curd and raw milk for your skin.
  • Use ghee (clarified butter): Ghee contains healthy fats that work wonders for your skin. Apply it on your skin or add it to your diet to reap its benefits. It is also effective to treat chapped lips.
Moisturize the skin
Moisturize the skin

Hair Care Tricks

The dry atmosphere causes hair related issues you need to cope up with. Here is how to deal with them:

  • Oil therapy: Oil your hair before you shampoo to avoid depletion of natural scalp oils.
  • Avoid hair treatments: Treating your hair with dyes and using curling irons or blow dryers can harm your stands. Avoid using them.
  • Static hair: Dry hair causes your hair to become static; annoying isn’t it? Moisturize your hair with dry oil spray and feel the goodness of soft and manageable hair all winters.
  • Shampoo frequently: Excess sebum and product buildup should be cleared from the scalp. Use clarifying and anti-dandruff shampoo once every week.

Must-Have Fashion Essentials For Winters

Staying warm in winters with cool fashion outfits, makeup and accessories is definitely possible.
Below we share a few fashion ideas to flaunt in this winter season.

Winter Outfits

Upgrade your wardrobe with these winter gear and express your style:

  • Ponchos: These are statement warmers in winters. You can flaunt a classy look with minimal layering with ponchos.
  • Boots: Swap your chunky winter footwear with trendy high-heeled boots for a sultry makeover.
  • Scarves: Experiment with your beautiful colouring scarves. Tie them in a knot around your shoulders or simply wrap them around your neck they look awe-striking.
  • Cardigans: Invest in long cardigans this year. They lend a chic fashion statement and keep you warm all day.
High Boots
High Boots

Winter Makeup And Accessories

Finish your winter look with gorgeous makeup and accessories. Here are a few ideas:

  • Lip colour: Sport bold and bright lip colours in the winter season. They make you look attractive and beat the coldness in the air. Wear shades of reds, berries or browns for your lips.
  • Eyeliner: Winged eyes give an extra pop to your looks. Leave your black liners aside and opt for catchy neon or metallic shades this year.
  • Hats and gloves: Add some colour with your hats, gloves, and stockings with your fashion wear.
  • Earrings and chokers: Sport some exotic winter jewellery to add a punk wave to your looks this winter. Oversized chained links, pearls, rhinestones, tassels, etc. can be added to your closet.
winter accessoies
winter accessories

Look your best with our styling and beauty tips all winter long.

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