Handwriting is the most difficult skill of communication we learn as a child. A newborn communicates by crying whenever it is hungry or wet. As it grows, it learns to communicate by sounds and gestures. Gradually, the baby starts picking up words and sentences.

The child learns to write alphabets, lowercase, uppercase, words, sentences, punctuations, paragraphs and essays. This is your story of learning to communicate with handwriting.
You must have heard about non-verbal communication. When you speak you communicate something verbally but at the same time your body is communicating something non-verbally. Some call it as body language. This non verbal communication is considered as truer than the verbal communication because it happens subconsciously.

Similarly, when you are writing, the content conveys what you wish to communicate consciously but the handwriting formations reveal your subconscious messages. This study of graphs in your handwriting is called Graphology, commonly known as handwriting analysis. Your handwriting in any script is actually a graph made from dots, lines curves and loops. A Graphologist can look at your handwriting and tell what is going on in your mind.

Your handwriting reveals your personality. You cannot hide it. Let us see what does your handwriting reveal about you –

The Leftward Slant

If you are writing “I am a very friendly, outgoing and social person,” but if your handwriting is slanting leftwards it reveals that you are an introvert and prefer to keep your emotions to yourself.

Handwriting AnalysisThe Rightward Slant

A person with a rightward slanting writing is an extrovert outgoing person who would prefer to solve his/her problems by approaching people and expressing his/her emotions.

HandwritingLarge and Small Writing

A large writing says that the person has lot of confidence, thinks big, wants recognition and appreciation. A small or miniature writing person is detail oriented has good concentration abilities and prefers to stay away from limelight.

Cursive Vs Print Script

Many parents are confused about the cursive writing. They ask me whether they should ask their children to write connected or print script. Connected writers are better at communication, socialising, convincing and influencing by their explaining abilities. Print script writers are less blessed in these aspects but they have lot of creativity, intuition and acceptance of abstract ideas.

cursive vs print
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‘t’ Crossbar

A person can write a single letter ‘t’ in more than 50 ways. And each formation would reveal a different personality trait. This is true for every letter or alphabet. A simple dot can be made in 15 different ways and carries a different interpretation.

T analysis

Your Signature

Signature is a formation which enjoys a special status in Graphology. It is a formation that you have chosen for yourself. You make an attempt every time you sign to keep it consistent with this chosen formation. This is not the case with your handwriting. You might write every alphabet in more than one style. Signature reveals your personality in public. Signature is what you want the world to know you. Handwriting is what you actually are. Signature is your public persona.

A signature that is much larger than the handwriting thus means that this person shows to be much larger than what he is. He would seem to be very glamorous, loud, attention seeker and dramatic.

Signature Analysis
On the other hand, a signature that is much smaller than the handwriting size shows that the person seems to be very modest, low profile and less than what he actually is.

Signature Analysis
Handwriting and signatures can reveal your beliefs. It can reveal your health, wealth and relationships. Every literate person should know what his/her writing reveals about self.

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About the Author –

Paresh ChitnisParesh P. Chitnis is a Graphologist and a Forensic Document Examiner. He helps people to maximise their achievement by making them understand their personality and catalysing change. Paresh also conducts training programs for Graphology.


  1. After reading it, although I believe it’s a science, it’s no less than a magical tool to know a person! It’s mind blowing!

    The way things are unveiled and elaborated is commendable! Appreciate the way you have explained thing, I was able to co-relate to some of my stuff and of someone I know!

    Great stuff… Keep writing!!


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