This week, the gang of girls met again to make a new masterpiece. We chose to do some quilling as Neha knew a little about quilling and she would have been able to guide us. We ordered the quilling stuff online and were all set when the kit arrived. As always, the kit was not enough for the 3 of us even after ordering extra quilling papers. But hey, when 3 industrious women make up their mind to create something – that is it! We made 3 lovely pieces with the available colors and tools!

When we gathered for quilling, Gauri had done a lot of study via quilling tutorial videos and had even selected her design. Gauri is an engineer and I said to Gauri, “Did you ever do even 5% of the homework you did for quilling during your engineering days?”. We had a hearty laugh! I just went with a blank mind and no tutorials relying completely on Neha’s guidance.

When the turn came to select the quilling designs, I just went through a few online designs and one tree design just captured my attention. At the start of this year, I came across Lily Dunn’s post on choosing one word for the year 2015 and I instantly connected with the idea. This one word represents who you want to be and how you want to live. The word which rose from deep within me was ‘Gratitude’. This year has been of being grateful for all the blessings showered on us and trying to find happiness in smallest of things. May it be a good hearty meal or a big writing achievement. I am grateful to the Almighty for everything he has blessed me with now and forever. Being grateful has taught me to value even the things which we take for granted like our fully functioning body parts. It is as simple as that! I even wrote a guest post on Gratitude sometime back.

So when I saw that quilled tree on the internet, I thought I have to make ‘My Gratitude Tree’ as my first quilling project. The tree which will be displayed at my home and will remind me always to be grateful. So my design was selected. It was a simple design which required a lot of quilled hearts and a few other patterns. Neha helped me in making the hearts, she taught me how to do it. She even taught me the branches which were a little delicate work and needed a skilled hand. Gauri meanwhile was way ahead making her flowers on her own! Homework helps you see! 😉

So Gauri selected a flower piece and I selected the tree. Neha was helping us and she did not start her quilling until the next day. Yes it took us 10 hours spread across 2 days, a stiff back, countless special moments and big curve of smile to finish our quilling pieces!

Quilling is tedious. It takes a lot of patience to sit at one place and maneuver the paper folds and shapes. The most difficult part for me were making the letters in the word gratitude. It took a tad bit longer along with delicate handling. On our first day, Gauri had completed only 2 flowers. It is very intricate work. But the time when we finished our pieces, we were thrilled!

Gauri’s Beautiful Floral Design

I am in love with my Gratitude Tree and I just cannot get over it. I will be framing it soon and it will be there always hanging with me and motivating me during my not so good times. Here is my tree –

Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Forever! 🙂

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She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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