Diwali is a festival which is celebrated across all Indian communities in a hearty manner. The triumph of good over evil is celebrated where families spend quality time together. The celebrations start from the primary cleaning to high-end shopping that may strain a little over our monetary standards. We all unintentionally get coerced to spending and wasting a great deal of resources. There are roads packed with smoke from crackers, garbage bins overflowing with plastic and other wastes. This year, let’s begin a new trend.

Let this Diwali be a green and safe one and let us show our kids that Diwali will still be special!

Creative Paper Wraps For Your Gifts

The jazzy gift wraps flaunting themselves shamelessly in markets are made by combining plastic and metallic elements which are difficult to recycle. Why not try something new and interesting? Use newspapers, comic strips, calendar pictures and more to wrap your gifts and give an interesting angle to your creativity.

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Kick Those Crackers Out                                                                                

This Diwali, strike out crackers from your shopping list. They are nothing more than cacophonic devices that pollute our environment! No crackers this time please.

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Use Earthen Diyas Or Self-made Organic Candles

Celebrate the festival of lights with loads of diyas, lanterns and candles. Just make sure to use eco-friendly earthen oil diyas or organic candles and boast about your creativity.

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Personalised Greetings For Friends

Stop wasting time in selecting the best Diwali card for your family and friends. Save paper in this trendy era by taking to social media. If you really want to send cards use recycled paper. If nothing else, send a selfie!

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Share Some Happiness With The Needy

Most of us replace old unwanted things in our house on Diwali. Think about donating those things and making Diwali happy and blessed for those who need it. You may buy the little kids some sweets or clothes for a memorable experience.

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Make Natural Floral Rangolis

Do not use the harmful artificial colors to make rangolis. Try using organic or get more artistic by using colourful flowers to make your rangolis fresh and aromatic.

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Come let’s vow today to spend a green Diwali and pay a tribute to our mother earth with these effortless steps!

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