How To Grow Eyebrows Thicker With These Simple Tips

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There will always be high demand for thick eyebrows. Who doesn’t wish to have thick bright eyebrows adding grace to their face? But not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows. But if you are beauty conscious person and wish to have thick eyebrows, then you can definitely try some of our remedies that can help you get naturally thicker eyebrows.

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How To Grow Eyebrows Thicker?

We may get to hear this question a lot daily from people around us. There will always be a person around us who will be obsessed with thicker eyebrows and keep questioning ‘how to get thicker eyebrows guys’ everyone. But have you listened to the solution at least a few times? No, because not everyone knows the solutions very well. But let me first clarify you one thing very important that this is not an overnight task and you cannot just grow or even dream of growing your eyebrows in one single night. So, just forget searching ‘how to grow your eyebrows fast’. Instead, try implementing various tips that we are going to tell you in this article.

The various actions that we do like threading, plucking and waxing may also sometimes be the reason behind the thin eyebrows. If you are in one such a situation and looking for various ways of how to grow eyebrows back, then also you can simply consider trying our various solutions here.

The usual growth rate of eyebrows is approximately 0.16 mm per day. Depending on it, you will be able to grow your desired eyebrows anywhere between four to eight weeks. Slow and steady wins the race. This statement applies in various situations and also suits here as well.

You don’t have to waste your money on expensive beauty products for this. Check our easy, simple home remedies for getting naturally thicker eyebrows.

Remedies For Naturally Thicker Eyebrows

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one such a really wonderful ingredient that can help you a lot in boosting the growth of your eyebrows. It contains vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants that nourish your hair follicles and helps in promoting your hair growth. It even restricts the microorganisms that reduce the eyebrow hair growth.

  • fTake some pure, organic cold pressed castor oil
  • Take a cotton ball, soak the cotton in the castor oil
  • Then take the ball and apply it on the eyebrows
  • Massage using your fingers gently for about 2 – 3 minutes
  • Leave it to absorb for a few hours or you can also leave it overnight
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning
  • Repeat this process every day for a few weeks
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Fenugreek Seeds

This is another amazing ingredient for all those people looking to get naturally thicker eyebrows. You can get some amazing results with this simple home remedy. Fenugreek seeds are considered one of the best ingredients for hair care. The proteins, nicotinic acids present in the seeds can help in stimulating the hair growth.

  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight
  • Then in the morning blend the seeds into a fine paste
  • Apply the ground paste to your eyebrows
  • Allow it to absorb and work for about half an hour
  • Then rinse it off with warm water
  • Do this process twice a week to find results
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Onion Juice

This is yet another very simple ingredient easily available in all our homes that can help you with this task of getting naturally thicker eyebrows. The sulfur-rich ingredient can help you in preventing hair loss and even stimulates the hair growth.

  • Chop the onion into small pieces and blend them into a fine paste
  • Strain the paste and separate the juice
  • Now apply this juice to your eyebrows and wash it off after letting it do try and absorb for about an hour
  • Now to get rid of the pungent onion smell, just take a cotton ball and dip it in the diluted lemon juice and apply it on your eyebrows


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Aloe Vera

Our next super beneficial ingredient for getting thicker eyebrows is the wonderfully amazing aloe vera. It has got some tremendous benefits for our skin, hair, health as well. The aloenin present in the aloe vera gel can be helpful in promoting the hair growth.

  • Take the aloe vera gel out by peeling off the outer layer and scooping the gel out
  • Now take the gel into your fingers and massage it on your eyebrows until it is fully absorbed
  • Allow it to absorb for about half an hour and then rinse it off
  • You can do this exercise anytime as aloe vera is non-sticky and absorbs easily


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This is another very casually available ingredient at home. But no one would have thought about its uses for the eyebrows and eyebrow hair growth. It actually helps in hair growth. Milk contains many essentials, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which will stimulate the hair growth.

  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in some, milk for a few minutes
  • Now take the cotton ball out of milk and use it to gently massage your eyebrows
  • Allow it to absorb for about 20 minutes and wash it off with water
  • Repeat this exercise at least once a day to find better results
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Thick Eyebrow Shapes

So, far we have learned the various different ways to get naturally thicker eyebrows. But after getting or having thick eyebrows, it comes the turn to shape them well. So, to help you out here are some of the shapes for the people with thick eyebrows.

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Different Shapes Of Thick Eyebrows For Men

It is not any ladies thing or wishes to have thicker eyebrows. No stereotypes!!! If you think that thick eyebrows men don’t look cool, then see these pictures and say it again.

Zayn Malik

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Daniel Radcliffe

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Zac Affron

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We hope and wish this article helped you in gaining some knowledge about the eyebrows hair growth.

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