11 REAL Struggles only a Gym going Girl will Understand!


With fitness given the prime importance these days, girls are no longer behind in the gym going bandwagon. Many women today hit the gym, do the weights and not just stick to so called ‘feminine’ exercises. And they have some real struggles to combat while at the gym!

So are you a gym going girl? If yes, you will definitely relate to these following struggles –

1. The Long Hair Problems

So you are all set to lift that weight and your hair is tightly held in a ponytail. And bang, there comes out this one single strand of hair and demolishes EVERYTHING!

Gym Hair
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2. Manicure? What is a Manicure?

When none of the manicure types will help you with your calluses. The nail breakages are real my friend! Having long nails is a dream you left way behind!

Gym Nail Breakages
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3. To Wash Hair, or Not to Wash?

Washing hair is a question which arises every single day in your mind. Is my hair sweaty enough to have a hair wash? Is it too soon to have a hair wash and use all those chemicals on my hair so soon.

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4. Gym Workout Increases Your Appetite, but You have a Diet to Follow

You have a set diet but the work out makes you hungry and raw food just doesn’t fit the bill. You crave for pani puris and biryanis!

gym struggles
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5. You have more Gym Wear than Normal Wear

You are obsessed with the gym and do not miss out on any opportunity to stock up your gym wear. So much so that, your wardrobe is filled with tons and tons of gym wear! But nothing to wear for the weeknd party!

Gym Wear
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6. When you Try to Lift the Heavier Dumbbells and the Guys come out to Help

Dude, please! I have this in my control.

Weight Lifting
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7. You do Heavy Lifting and People come and ask, “Aren’t you worried about getting bulked up?”

No, actually you aren’t worried at all. But you are worried about them asking this question pondering from where do people get such baseless notion anyway?

Bulking Up
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8. Doing Endless Squats and then Holding on Walls for the Next 2 Days

You know that PAIN my dear friend. Especially when it comes to sitting on the toilet seat, you remember all the squats then 😉

Gym Squats
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9. Ugghhhh…..So much more Laundry to do!

Your life is not simple. With routine gym workouts, your laundry also piles up real high. That is the time when a washing machine becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

Gym Clothes
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10. When you Forget your Gym Sweat Towel

It is a cardio workout day and mid way in all the sweat you realise you have forgotten your gym towel. Alas, this is how you feel then –

Gym Sweating
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11. But in the end, You feel Kick Ass with the Work Outs

The struggles might be many, but what really matters is how you feel at the end of the day with your gym work out! Yes, you feel kick ass and proud about your gym goal achievements. We know that girl!

Gym Girl
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Tell us your gym stories in comments below. What are your real gym struggles?


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