6 Best Ingredients That Make Your Hair Curls Glow​

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Do you want to stand out and win the attention of everyone? A simple way to do so is to groom your hair. Whether a male or a female, your hair speaks volume about your looks and it can be a good investment to give you the appearance that will make people envy you. Shiny, well trimmed and clean hair can create a lasting first impression for that important date, interview or appointment.

It is also important to keep your eyebrows and beard, for men, well trimmed and styled. However, nurturing your hair requires efforts and investing the best tools such as hair edger, beard shaver, eyebrow trimmer and comb among others. You may also need some of the best hair products to achieve the best hair curls and grooming results.

The Beauty of Glowing Hair Curls

Different people have different opinions about curly hair. Some believe it is chaotic while a majority would agree with the fact that curly hair looks unique and hot. If you don’t like your curled hair it is high time you consider the beauty it adds and learns how to treat it the right way. One of the entertaining things is that it gives the flexibility to pull off different style every other day. You can also add a glow to make the curly strands bounce with a shine awakening your inner and outer attractiveness.

Though beautiful, curly hairs are delicate the reason why you need to take great care with the right products to earn the endless compliments from your friends, colleagues and even strangers. Below we take a look at ingredients that would give your curly hair that extra, attention winning shine and how they work.

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Best Ingredients That Make Your Hair Curls Glow

1. Avocado

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Apart from being a tasty fruit, avocado can make complete nourishment for your curly hair. A pimple skinned fruit is rich in Vitamins (A, B6, C, E, and K), protein, Potassium, foliate and fiber making it a good source of food for healthy hair curls.

It produces protein and oils that moisturize and smoothen the hair without weighing it down. Whether used in a natural form or in processed form, avocado humectants benefits will always make your hair silky and shiny.

2. Olive Oil

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Olive oil offers various health benefits ranging from weight loss to reducing risks of diseases such as cancer, arthritis and blood pressure among others making it one of the most recommended oils by nutritionists.

The Mediterranean fruit oil not only rules our diets it is also a natural ingredient that makes your hair healthy and shiny.  The oil contains vitamin E that penetrates to the hair root keeping the hair moist. It also has calcium, magnesium, sulphur, zinc and Vitamin B all of which supports hair growth.

You need to apply olive oil from the base to the hair edges, allow it to soak for a few minutes (25 – 40 minutes) and then rinse it with your shampoo.  This should be done at least twice a month to achieve that healthy and glowing curly hair you desire.

3. Egg Yolk

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Egg yolk is the yellow ball-shaped suspension found inside the egg and it is rich in proteins and nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin Dm folate, and biotin. These nutrients offer a number of benefits such as treatment for brittle hair and hair loss.

Despite the disturbing smell, egg yolk makes your curly hair healthy, strong and shiny. To take quick effect, egg yolk is applied topically on the scalp and massaged for 3 to 7 minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap for at most 20 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly with cold water.

This will not only give your springy hair more bouncing energy and a shiny look but also pull the dirt out of the hair shafts.

4. Castor Oil

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Castor oil is known for promoting thick hair growth but its emollient and sticky properties make it a good ingredient that retains moisture in your hair. It is rich in proteins which repairs damaged keratin spots making the hair more smooth and shiny. To achieve a more glowing effect, castor oil works well while used in combination with coconut oil.

5. Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one of the widely used ingredients in most of the off-shelf hair products. The natural oil is rich in fatty chain acids that are good nourishment for healthy hair and scalp. Coconut oil is penetrative oil that goes down to the hair root and makes the hair cuticle smooth.

It forms a barrier that prevents loss of moisture, protein, and damages from the sun. The oil can be used in three different ways to give your hair a glow than you can ever imagine; in a hot oil treatment, as a deep conditioner or as an oil rinse.

6. Green Tea

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For years green tea has been used as a beverage especially in Japan and China. Recently the special green it is used all over the world for its catechin and antioxidants which are great for skin and hair care. Particularly, green tea works against premature gray hair promote silky hair strands and strengthens the hair shaft as well as making your curled strands shiny and smooth.

It can also be used to reduce dandruff and prevent excess sebum (body natural oil) on the scalp. The ingredient works better with thicker hair. To achieve the vibrant, murky hair strands, you need to soak your hair in one cup cold green tea for 10 – 15 minutes at least once a day and within a month you will have your curled hair strong and glowing even in the dark.

The above is just part of the amazing ingredients that work perfectly with hair curls and they are available naturally or in processed hair products. You can prepare a hair mask by combining two or three of the ingredients depending on the effects you want.

The advantage of using such masks is that they are cheap and easy to use in their natural form and apart from giving your hair a brilliant glow, they are also wealthy sources of hair nourishment which makes your hair more strong and healthier. Also unlike many chemical based hair care products, they have minimal side effects which make them a good fit even for people with sensitive skins.

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