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Hair Length Chart: What You Should Know Before A Haircut?

Do you have short hair? Or long tresses?

How do you determine the length of your hair? You want to get trending hairstyles but when you go to the salon and ask for a haircut, what you ask for. At times the short becomes very short and you might not be happy with the look. Many women dream of long princess locks with stylish hairstyle. Thus it is important to know different hair lengths and related general terms. Hair length chart serves as a basic guideline in helping you understand your hair better.

We have always been looking for ways and tricks to grow healthy hair faster. The truth is growing your hair is easier once you consider your hair type. Your hair type determines hair lengths and your hair defines your personality.

Are you keen to learn more about hair types and hair length chart? Keep reading for details about standard terms and hairstyles to get a better understanding of everything.

Understanding Hair Lengths And Types

As stated above, your hair length and texture directly influences your appearance. People are born with different hair types like straight, wavy, or curly. Different hair types change the way your hair looks even if they measure the same on the inch tape.

Let’s understand it this way: If you have a long piece of ribbon, and you hold it straight you will be able to see its length in entirety. However, if you twist, ball, roll, pleat or fold that same ribbon it will appear shorter, even though its length is actually the same. The same logic applies to your hair. The tighter the kinks and coils in your hair type the shorter they look.

Straight Hair: Your hair appears in its actual length. No bends or folds in your hair keep them hang long and adorable. For example, if you have 12 inches long straight hair, they will fall just past your shoulders.

Wavy Hair: Your hair may appear a bit shorter than its real length because of the waves in your hair type. So, if you have 12 inches long wavy hair, they will touch the shoulder-length.

Curly Hair: These appear much shorter than the other two types because the curls are tighter coils throughout your locks. Thus the hair length chart may show 12 inches long curly hair fall above your shoulders just below your chin.

Why Should You Use Hair Length Chart?

There are different types of hair length chart available when you surf the internet. Salons use them as a standard guideline to style your hair. These charts may be useful when you want to buy hair extensions or weave for your hair. A hair length chart saves your time and helps you understand its type and length.

You can get the hair lengths in inches (12-30 inches) or you may measure the locks in terms of their appearance (short, shoulder-length, long). Whether you have straight or curly locks you can apply this hair length chart to them. You will notice that your strands appear longer if you have straight or wavy hair as compared to when you have tightly coiled curly hair type.

hair textures
Image courtesy: Dreamstime

How To Use A Hair Length Chart?

We have shared a simple hair length chart that displays what we have explained earlier. You can take the help of this visual aid when you hit the salon or head for buying hair extensions or wigs based on the texture of your hair.

This will also help you get an idea of how to get your tresses chopped and have a better idea of what your hair will look like in the new haircut. So, no bad haircut surprises and shocks!

Female Hair Length Chart

Hair length chart for men and women are distinct (of course!) In this post we focus on female hair length chart while measuring your hair lengths. While measuring your hair remember to stretch the hair to its full length and then check your inches. Straight hair can give you ideal hair length while wavy and curly textures might require a gentle pull.

If you want to buy extensions for extension length chart or opt for 1-2 inches longer hairpieces for wavy hair and 3-4 inches longer extensions for curly locks. It’s best to buy longer hairpieces which can then be cut to get desired hair lengths.

Look at the below chart that describes the hair using anatomy to give some absolute definition to hair length.

Image courtesy: Headcurve

We have defined each hair length in reference to flattering women’s hairstyles below. Take a peep.

1. Very Short – Above The Ear Or Shorter

A pixie cut or buzz cut may be considered as very short hairstyles for women. Cropped hair above the ear or even shorter look great and are perfect choices for women who like it bold.

very short hair

2. Short – Chin And Above

Hair lengths below the ears but above the chin are termed as short (not very short). Short layered blonde hair with a bob cut and frontal fringes makes your heart skip a beat. Isn’t it?

short hair length

3. Medium – Shoulder Length

Shoulder length is considered to be medium-length hair. The side-parted tangerine hair with wide waves reaching the shoulders looks attractive.

medium shoulder length hairdo

4. Long – Armpit Length

Armpit length or longer hair is a dream for all. Women can long hair in loose waves, high ponytail, or deep layers. All of them look stunning.

long tangerine waves

5. Very Long – Mid-back or longer

Hair longer than mid-back is very long. Princess length gives classy looks when tied up in braids or buns or left open in curls.

redhead-very long hair

How To Choose The Most Suitable Hair Length?

Different hairstyles look better on some women while the same may not suit the others. Why?

Hairstyles lend a varied look to women depending on the texture of the hair and facial features and shape. Thus a bob cut may look pretty impressive on the round face but not on a woman with heart-shaped face cut. Similarly, if you want to switch from straight hair looks to imposable curls talk to your hairstylist about it.

In short, before cutting your natural strands or buying a hairpiece (extensions or wigs), you should consider your hair type and face shape first.

1. Hair Textures

By now, you have read and understood the importance of hair texture on your looks and how long your hair appears. Keep in mind that not hairstyles suit every hair texture.

A lovely hair lob may suit straight hair but not curly twists. Similarly, a feathered haircut may look remarkable if you have slightly wavy hair. You don’t want to have bad experiences with your hair styling. If in doubt seek professional advice or try wearing a wig or toupee before you actually slash your hair.

2. Facial Shapes

Your face shape and structure also adds to your overall appearance when you opt for a change in a haircut. Certain haircuts look chic on round faces and long hair while some others look flattering on square faces and short choppy strands.

For example, if you have an oval facial structure you’re lucky. Most of the hair lengths and textures suit oval faces.

Oval Face

  • Best picks: A short A-line bob, long waves or curls, medium-length hairstyles.
  • Hairstyles to avoid: None!

Round Face

  • Best picks: Long layered hairdo, side wavy ponytail, side-parted lob.
  • Hairstyles to avoid: blunt cuts, short bobs, straight fringes.

Diamond Face

  • Best picks: chin-length hairstyle, short pixie cuts, shoulder-length straight hair.
  • Hairstyles to avoid: Voluminous short hairdo, long layered hair.

Heart Face

  • Best picks: long side-swept waves or curls, side-parted pixie cut, bob or lob cuts.
  • Hairstyles to avoid: Frontal fringes, straight bangs, long layered hair, middle-part hairdos.

Square Face

  • Best picks: long and airy layers, side-parted wavy hairstyles, side-swept bangs, short layered bobs.
  • Hairstyles to avoid: thick blunt bangs, slick back pony, wide curled medium-length hairstyles.

We hope the hair length chart has clarified many of your doubts and helps you choose the best hair lengths for each of you.

Feel free to raise your queries and comment in the box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What length of hair is considered long?

There are various hair length charts and guidelines available to define how long or short is your hair. Short hair is anything between a buzz cut to chin-length bob cut. Medium hair length is considered to fall from the chin to a few inches below the shoulders. Long hair can be defined as the length of your hair from your armpits and below.

What grows hair faster?

A balanced diet filled with the right nutrients will keep your hair healthy and happy. Plan a meal that comprises vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, niacin, biotin, iron and zinc to boost hair growth.

Is 12-inch hair long?

At 12 inches, your hair falls a tad below your shoulders (straight hair). If you speak of wavy or curly lock they may appear shorter even though their length is 12 inches.

Do guys like short or long hair?

Different hair lengths look fab on different women. Whatever length you choose, keep in mind to take care of your hair. Keep them healthy and strong. Take professional advice before you choose any haircut. This will ensure that men find your hair attractive – short or long.

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