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Hair treatments!!! Are you confused about it? Read down to and take decision…..

Women love their hair and they become extremely over critical when it comes to their hair. That is quite expected, as nobody likes unmanageable hair! Perms, straightening, and coloring are the hair treatments that women usually undergo. They need a dose of salon in order to romance with their hair!

But there are certain pros and cons which you must know before you go through any particular hair treatment. Recently, Stylewhack team got to know about some benefits and downsides of hair treatments from various hair experts.

Read what our experts have to say on hair treatments!

Hair treatment 2Fariba Fallah – Hairstylist, Founder and Owner at Cheveux 

Hair treatments are not good. One must eat a diet rich in protein to improve hair strength. Water intake is also important. To stimulate hair growth, one must massage their scalp with oil and use the shampoo that suits them irrespective of the brand. Also, undergoing hair trim after every 6-8 weeks is a must.

Hair treatment 1Krupa Shah – Hair-specialist – Creator of OilSpirits 

One undergoes hair treatments to look smart. But the side effects of these treatments are unacceptable. It damages the hair scalp resulting to hair fall, dandruff, split ends and frizziness. Chemicals like hair color, straightening, perming and smoothening damage the hair. One must choose their shampoos wisely and also apply oil on their scalp to avoid hair damage.

 Hair treatmentNahid Fallah Mirza – Hair Specialist, Hair Stylist 

Hair treatment are opted for manageable hair and moreover for new look. There is no harm in treating hair with chemicals unless proper aftercare is given. Aftercare with proper shampoo, conditioner, timely hair spa and hair mask is essential for damage free hair.


  Hair treatment 4Deepa Changrani

Hair are the natural beauty of women. One must say no to various hair treatments and adopt home remedies like Egg, Honey with Curd for shine. For hair growth, one must apply castor oil with coconut oil on their scalp. To prevent hair fall, apply curry leaves powder with coconut oil and massage on to the scalp.

Hair Treatment 6Taani Kullar

Hair treatments are not good unless proper care is taken after you undergo any kind of chemical application. Hair follicles gets damaged which leads to hair breakage, roughness and/or hair fall. So, it is recommended to have proper home care.


Hair treatment 5Uma Maurya

Hair Treatments damages hair from deep inside. Hair care after treatment is essential which help to treat specific problems occurring on scalp like dandruff, hair fall, dryness, breakage, frizziness, etc. One must get their hair diagnosed by a trained hairdresser to get long, strong, healthy and shiny hair.



These hair experts have provided us with ample information to decide whether undergoing hair treatments is good or not.

Let us know what you think about hair treatments in the comment section below!

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