10 Adorable Halloween Kids Costumes – Have Fun With Your Cuties

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Last week we brought some out of the box Halloween couples outfit ideas. We hope you picked one of those for yourself. Now it’s time for choosing some cute and adorable Halloween kids costume. The time has come to have fun with your cuties – Its Halloween round the corner. Your little munchkins will look terrific, lovable and on top of the world in their fancy costumes. Let them become cookies and cakes, let them imitate their superheroes, and let them enjoy the feat as you do. You may or may not pair their costume with yours!

The Woodcutter

You must have heard this famous fable ‘The Woodcutter and His Axe’; this costume is an inspiration from there. All you need is some faux beard (kajal can do the tick too) and an axe!

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Outfit

If your child loves milk and cookies, this is the best dress to gift her. Let her carry her favorite cookie monster along happily at Halloween night!

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Little Lion In the Nursery

Let your toddler roar like a lion in this unique Halloween costume. You’ll beam with pride when he reaches out to you in this amazing outfit. Do take time to play with him.

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Cute Oldies Are Here        

This is an adorable dress up for little munchkins, especially if you have twin or they are siblings or nearly same age. Let them wow to be besties and grow up together till they’re old.

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Judy Hopps Zootopia Officer

Get inspired from this cute animated movie make your girl a cop. She’ll definitely love the look as well as her role as a dignified and honest cop in town.

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Infant Cupcake Costume For Halloween

Very young children have very little to do at Halloween parties. They all love candies and sweets, so let them wear a cupcake! Isn’t it sweet?

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Gumball Machine Halloween Kids Costume

Let us all have many treats and candies on the Halloween’s eve. This gumball machine will do the dispensing part! How’s the idea?

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Pretty Peacock Costume For Your Princess

With an eye to detail this costume will give your daughter a sensational look. Boys can get wild while girls can go prettier this Halloween. The colorful costume looks adorable.

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Spongebob Squarepants For Boys

The underwater character ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ lives in a submerged pineapple in the TV serial. It’s loved by many children. The costume comes as a face tunic of the character and black shoe covers.

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Prisoners Boy Costume

Your Prince charming can become the bad guy and scare everyone just once this Halloween. You can make this costume at home by using black duct tapes and white shirt pant combo.

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Get ready, accept invitations, set in the partying mood and opt from these clever to creepy costumes this year for your kids.

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