Today is Teachers’ Day and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who has imparted some kind of learning to us, big or small.

Thank you to all those teachers who have made us into what we are today. For all the learning, the lessons, the preachings and the practical teachings. In every smallest, most unexpected of the forms, to the most literal meaning of the word, we take this day to thank you and to celebrate you.

Teachers day
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Our parents are our first teachers. Our world begins with them. They are all we know for the initial years of our lives. They make us and they mould us. They have the most important part in our lives. They are our facilitators for all the biggest things in our life. Thank you dear parents for giving us all that you could and then, even something more.

Our siblings. We can’t live with them, we can’t live without them. Our partners in crime, they teach us what team playing is all about. They have taught us loyalty, unconditional love, sharing, laughter, and also gave us that only insane relationship where it is allowed to come to fist fights if need be, whatever the age.

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 The educational facilitators

Teachers' day
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They are our teachers in the literal sense of the term. Thank you to that favorite teacher who made learning such a blast. Who made the boring textbooks come alive. Whose lessons are still very much fresh in our brains. And also, to all those not-so-favorite teachers. Thank you for dedicating your lives in this most noble profession. You have guided us in our formative years and we shall be obliged for that forever.



Teachers' day
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To the bestie who taught us the real meaning of unconditional support. With whom we took our first steps into the world outside our house. Who has always been there through the thick and thin. Who taught us to break into laughter through our teary eyes. Who taught us the foulest words. Our agony aunt, our sex guide, our stylist. Our 4 am call, our drinking buddy. The one who taught us there is no need for words to communicate. The one who taught us to come out of a heart break.

Also all those friends whose trust we misjudged. The ones who stabbed us in the back. The ones who gossiped about us. Who taught us that our trust is a valuable thing and only few are worthy of it. Who hurt us. The ones who left. Who moved on. Thank you, all of you, for teaching us how to survive in this world.



Teachers' day
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Oh love. The toughest of the teachers. Thank you to the one who made the heart beat fast for the first time in our life. The one who showed, how beautiful this world can be. Who taught us to dance to imaginary music. Who showed us that smiling for no reason is the most beautiful thing.

And also to the one who broke our hearts. One who taught us, how fragile our heart really is. The one who showed us how easy it is to break into million little pieces, with a single thought. The one who showed us how strong we could really be, the one with whom we started to learn about our self. Thank you. The ones who left and the one who stayed. You gave us the most valuable lesson.



Teachers' day
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The most beautiful teacher. This is one teacher that cannot be avoided. Thank you to all those small experiences who made us into the people we are today. Thank You to all the moments that gave us laughter, tears, fears, strengths, rage, sadness and the countless opportunities. Thank you for introducing ourselves to us.

Thank You to all these teachers. Happy Teachers Day.

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