A Happy Trip To Leh-Ladakh With Happy And Guggu – A Dream Trip

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Awesome moments bring some awesome memories. You can make golden memories with best friends, girl friend, loved ones but those memories are awesome which are made with your Dog-Soul BFF. We bring story of one such cute family of Vipul Agrahari and Dhanshree Panchbhai Agrahari and their fur kids (Happy and Guggu).

They did this extra-ordinary trip from Delhi to Leh-Ladakh, here is their story:

How did this idea came?

On one lower note day Vipul went off and drank with whole heart. After he came home he spoke his fur-soul-mate, the eldest one “Happy”(Labrador Retriever, 12+ yrs, Yellow) who is with him since his bachelor days. He promised that he will take him and future family to Leh Ladakh. He will accompany this trip with Guggu and Breezer (Labrador Retriever, Female, Yellow and Black). Time flowed like a river flows and years passed.

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Happy Petting Family

Vipul and his family lost their beloved Breezer (Black, 6+ yrs) and Happy saw many ups and down with severe problems and multiple hospitalizations, but he came out like a fighter. Time again kept on passing and finally the call came from inside that he can plan and do the dream trip. As it is said perfect time never comes, perfect time is now in present.

The Trip and The Twist

So Vipul and Dhanshree packed bags, got the car tuned and services, booked first stay even at Udaipur which comes on route for Goa. Goa? Yes, You read it right! They had planned a trip to Goa as it was strategically right trip for taking fur-family with them. The terrain of Goa is good and there is proper humidity which is helpful for long distance travel with fur-family.
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Enjoying scenic beauty with their ride!
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Giving company to Daddy!
Vipul and Dhanshree were suppose to leave by 04:00 AM from home for Goa, they started their journey and by the time they did 30 kms, whole decision was changed. Vipul took halt and saw Happy they had their secret conversation and made decision of doing a “Happy Trip to Leh-Ladakh” Everything changed, routes, hotels, road maps… They were off for the dream drive and destination Leh-Ladakh.

Vipul and Dhanshree started trip with their 2 adorable Labrador Retrievers as life partners and named as Happy and Guggu, Missed Breezer big time who was the most adventurous one.

The Happy Trip to Leh-Ladakh

Guggu being the most laziest among all gave some joyful moments in whole trip with her looks and deeds. At -2 degrees which was her first time to experience, they found her jumping, running, enjoying the most of life. They soon realized that the fact of getting them a sweater in Delhi/NCR’s winter is actually a fashion statement and not at all a need.
With the tips and tricks shared by Dr. Jasjeet Josan and Neelam Singh Josan (without whom it would have not been possible), they very easily managed to have them at the best of their age and condition.

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4000+ Kms with 2 adorable Labradors as their Life Partners. Started from Gurgaon and enough breaks, homework, preparations; They finally DID it. Exclusive and Epic places were covered from the Changla to Pangong Lake, from Magnetic Hill to Nubra Valley, from Khardungla till Leh/Ladakh, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir. It was a promise which Vipul made to their eldest Labrador named as Happy (who is now 12+) that they will go there together. Happy and Proud they stand after trip.  

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Daddy telling to control emotions at Pangong lake!!
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A Moment to feel that Air!!

Vipul and Dhanshree, apart from their start-up and respective jobs, run one of the most beautiful pet boarding which in reality is not boarding but a happy treat for dogs who would stay away from home for few days, because of important work of their parents.

Do check out Happy Petting stories at: https://www.facebook.com/HappyPettings

Here is visual treat of beautiful moments and memories they created on this trip:

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Be Calm Enjoy And Pose!
Happy Trip Stylewhack K
Just Can’t Get Over The Fun Swimming!
Happy Trip Stylewhack J
Stop Me If You Can!!
Happy Trip Stylewhack F
We Play Together, We rest together!!
Happy Trip Stylewhack
Play Around Our Ride!!

Indeed a treat for viewers, do share your experience or comments!!

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