This is how the Harry Potter cast looks after they first met us in 2001


Harry Potter swept all of away with the story of a boy who goes to become the wizard. Everybody wanted to go Hogwarts School. Many of us were raptured by the books first and then the movies. When the first Harry Potter movie hit the theatres in 2001, it won many hearts. It has been 14+ years and Harry Potter still has his magical spell on us!

Let’s have a glimpse on how the characters from our favorite Harry Potter look now – 

Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter


Ron Weasley played by Rupert Grint

Ron Weasley played by Rupert Grint


Hermione Granger played by Emma Watson

Hermione Granger played by Emma Watson


Draco Malfoy played by Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy played by Tom Felton


Lucius Malfoy played by Jason Isaacs

Lucious Malfoy


Rubeus Hagrid played by Robbie Coltrane

Rubeus Hagrid played by Robbie Coltrane

Bellatrix Lestrange played by Helena Bonham Carter

Bellatrix Lestrange played by Helena Bonham Carter


Minerva McGonagall played by Maggie Smith

Minerva McGonagall played by Maggie Smith


Ginevra Weasley played by Bonnie Wright

Ginevra Weasley played by Bonnie Wright


Neville Longbottom played by Matthew Lewis

Neville Longbottom played by Matthew Lewis


Luna Lovegood played by Evanna Lynch

Luna Lovegood played by Evanna Lynch


Fred and George Weasley played by James and Oliver Phelps

Fred and George Weasley played by James and Oliver Phelps


Cedric Diggory played by Robert Pattinson

Cedric Diggory played by Robert Pattinson


Moaning Myrtle played by Shirley Henderson

Moaning Myrtle played by Shirley Henderson


Griphook/Professor Flitwick played by Warwick Davis

Griphook/Professor Flitwick played by Warwick Davis


Lord Voldemort played by Ralph Fiennes

Lord Voldemort played by Ralph Fiennes

Fascinating, right? While we see many of them on the big screen. Some of the cast has disappeared completely. We are sure, all the Harry Potter fans are waiting for J.K. Rowling to come up with another spellbinding series to keep us raptured under the magic!

Who according to you looks the most different now? Tell us in comments below.

**All images via Brightside




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