Hawaizaada – Movie Review (2.5/5)



Critic’s rating: 2.5/5

Star cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Sharda, Naman Jain

Director: Vibhu Virender Puri

Genre: Drama

Running time: 2 hours 37 mins


Story Scan: This film is about an unknown history of the discovery of the world’s first aircraft 8 years ahead of Wright brothers. It was performed by Mumbai based Marathi scientist Shivkar Talpade aka Shivi (Ayushmann Khurrana). Shivi is a failure in his schools and attends the same class as his nephew. With all his failure, his family throws him out and he joins Shastri (Mithun) on his experimenting ventures. On lines of Shastri’s findings, Shivi and Shastri start building an aircraft. This story is about difficulties and achievements of a common man who envisions to fly beyond horizon.


Movie Scan:

This is a directorial debut for Vibhu Puri. Before hawaizaada, he made short films like Chabiwali Pocket Watch.  This movie will grab your attention while telling the story  of an unnoticed hero, but overall this movie is unable to depict the story in a way that you would want to see it. Sitara (Pallavi Sharda) who plays a Marathi dancer, distracts viewers in the entire movie. Ayushmann who is known for his super class vocals and contemporary acting, doesn’t keep up with the pace of movie.


Overall, Hawaizadaa is an average movie, overflowing with emotions, you will laugh out when characters feel bad, feel sad during comic scenes, be angry because of the movie length, love it when the ordeal ends and will be shocked by the lack of application from the Directors and Script Writers. As the masala pasta found in most of the weddings, this movie has an overdose of overacting!


If you wish to waste money, you can buy a spice jet ticket, but do not waste it on this Hawaizaada !

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