He loves you but can’t express – Here are things you should do to pamper your man


You will come across articles where lessons are given about how man should pamper and take care of his girl and make her feel special. But, here is very frank opinion that women also need to take step forward and go ahead to make a relationship work as well make your man feel special.

A man holding all pressure and thoughts, works whole day and comes home at end of it, just thinking that your smile would make his day. But often with our hormones roaring and thoughts busting we treat him as if he is most careless person on this earth. But ladies, really think over and change your way just for 1 week and see your man turning into your prince charming.

Here are few amazing and workable tricks to change your dry relationship into sweet juicy one.

That moment when he comes from office – throw a tight hug on him – This hug greeting will surely calm all his tensions and worries of day


Listen to him, he has heard from everyone whole day –  Be a listener this time and make him speak, you might not help but yes you can get him relaxed.


Shower love on him with small deeds – Write funny notes, bring smile on his face, this will take away stress off him.


Gone those days when people used to write letter – Bring your old days back and bring your love alive again!


Day to day we reduce using those magical words – These words do wonders, just try it on dose of more than one per day!


We all do our daily care routine may it be cleansing milk, toner, skin care, foot care, many more – Someday just do small routine for him he will surely love it, your soft touch is all he need after a long rough day!


Billing, payments, debts these are all extra work for your hubby – Help your sweetheart with these, you will be more confident in yourself and this will surely woo him.


Managing finances – Take hold of daily expenses and you can surely make a big share in saving.


Do some shopping for him, pamper him with your selection – Guys like when someone else do shopping for them.


A small home date is always welcome – Plan a small home date post his working hour, surely he will be surprised.


After a long day, a big surprise is always welcome – Get your smartest lingerie out and surprise him with your love!


Get hold of your relationship and pamper that man who works only for your happiness. It’s our duty to sustain beauty of our relationship.

Backed up with a B.Pharm degree and an MBA, She is been a path-breaker. From being a HR person to a medical writer, she did a complete 360 degree turn to become the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Stylewhack. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. Watch her column for trendy fashion tips, food review, costume jewelry, home décor and various other creative ideas. She loves to travel and explore world to quench her wanderlust!


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