Weekend is around and are you thinking of hosting a party? GREAT!!! Deciding ‘that’ extensive menu with the best desserts? Hmmm HARD!!Thinking about something HEALTHY? Hmmmmm HARDER!!!

These days zeroing on the party menu is exhausting especially when your guests are health conscious. Who would not want having finger licking food at parties which also happens to be healthy! One of the most looked forward sections of any meal is the DESSERTS, which also takes a lot of thought and time to plan. Also to turn this part of the dinner into a healthy option is the real magic!

So to make your life a bit easier you may want to try these recipes of some healthy desserts and before you would know your guests will be asking for more.

Strawberry Yogurt Desserts

You can turn these beauties into lip smacking desserts by just adding some yogurt (low fat hung curd), a bit of garnishing with strawberry slices and it is ready to be served. I bet no one will pass the table without picking the serve.

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Mango Mastani

Mango is one fruit which makes summers refreshing. We all wait for MANGO season. And if it is in your menu, you have made the right choice BABY! You got to try this recipe from Pune with mango as its hero. All you need is mango, low fat milk, cashew, pistachios and almonds.

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Blueberry Compote

Got surprise guests, all you need in your refrigerator are Blueberries. Leave your guests awed with this yummilicious dessert. Heat blueberries, honey and vanilla in a saucepan for 15 minutes and it’s ready to serve. Just garnish it and place it on table. Your guests won’t leave without asking for recipe.

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Lauki ki Kheer

Kheer is one dessert which can get you out of your diet regime in no time. But you can have it witHout thinking twice by just adding grated lauki(bottle gourd).

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Baked Rasgullas

Bored of eating rasgullas try this new version of baked rasgullas and people will go gaga over it.

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Fruit Custard

It is a simple and quick recipe. You can use honey in place of sugar and tada,new flavor and healthy custard is ready. Add lots of fruits and your guests will leave with that perfect smile.

fruit custard
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You can now give happiness to your taste buds without compromising on your diet regime.

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