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With delicious food lounging around every corner of the city, sustaining a healthy diet becomes a chore with whatnot plethora options available for tasty treats. Today, we’re here to bust a couple myths by introducing healthy food online lunches which you can avail within the click of a button.

Eating healthy isn’t hard, it’s a choice and if you’re determined to make a difference, try out these stores online and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Every meal in Eat Fit Bangalore is crafted with extreme care and painstakingly designed for boosting metabolism and accelerating weight loss.

Here are the top five places for lunch order online Bangalore.

Purple Basil

If you are looking to make a transition from junk food to health food, then the Purple Basil will help you – one meal at a time. Their dishes are nutrient dense, low-fat, and contain zero processed sugars. From high-protein plans to vegan diet plans, Purple Basil serves healthy food online from delicious goodies, Black Bean Burgers to Tofu salads, and exotic pastas and rice recipes, all grounded low in calories and delivering a dose of good health.

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Jiyo Natural

For calorie controlled meals and strict diet regimes, try out Jiyo Natural. Standard meals are around 650 calories and meals are personalized according to individual needs. For those with diabetes, hypertension, or medical conditions, Jiyo Natural even customizes meals according to their dietary preferences and doctor’s prescriptions.

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ChefKraft places emphasis on using organic ingredients for your luncheon needs. From keto meals to gluten-free desserts, the hygiene and quality of their food and packaging is remarkable. If you’re strolling by for lunch, try out their Tofu with Sauteed Vegetables and Barbeque Sauce along with their nutritious soups! You’ll love them.

ChefKraft even serves enterprises and at workplaces so you may find them lounging around your campus during lunch hours. Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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Handcrafted meals prepared by expert chefs that’s delivered directly to your doorstep. FreshMenu is a popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts and health aficionados since their meals are low in calories and extremely nutrient-dense. Their menu changes every day and it isn’t surprising to see fusion recipes of Western, Indian, and South Indian dishes. Heck, they even have pizza? And who doesn’t love lightweight guilt-free pizza on Fridays?

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Grow Fit

Scientifically tailored meals with expert support and follow-ups with certified Nutritionists, Grow Fit customizes meals according to your dietary preferences. They deliver right to your doorstep and some of their meal programs include the Whole Grain Office Lunch which is a modified version of the famous American Dash Diet. The Stay Fit Program Diet which helps you tone up and achieve nutritional balance, and finally, their Lean Machine Program which is their flagship course that follows a Low-Carb High fat (LCHF) nutritional protocol.

You can expect to see results between 2-3 weeks from the very day you subscribe to their meal programs.

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All these above online stores deliver directly to your home and provide fresh homemade healthy food online at blazing fast speeds. If you’ve always wanted a go-to list for satiating your hunger cravings for new cuisines without compromising your budget, try these out.

The best part is that they use ingredients which are sourced from organic farms. Thats makes their meals end up being free of preservatives, sugars, and artificial flavours. Give their apps a try for lunch order online Bangalore.

You simply won’t be disappointed.

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