Here are tips to flaunt red colour with style



Red is a colour that defines style, boldness and passion.  It is a vestaile colour that forms an integral part of our  wadrobe and the best thing about red is, it never goes out of fashion. No matter what your skin tone is, it suits everyone if worn with elegence. Red is the demand to create abold fashion statement . It is not only attractive and adds sensuality but if doned in a right way, every woman can become a fashionista.  Be it Indian or westen attire if you wear red with confidence and risgt atittude you are surely going grad some eyeballs in admiration and become a head turner. We give you an easy guide to wear red fashionally.

Every Woman Should Own A Red Hand Bag

Handbags are an utimate fashion item for all women.Red Handbags are in and they make you look elegant in a crowd. Make sure you own at least one red handbag or sling bag whichever you prefer to add some spunk to your style.

 Every Woman Should Own A Red Hand BagEvery Woman Should Own A Red Hand Bag....

Grab  A Pair Of Red Heels

When it comes to footwear, nothing can beat the hotness a pair of red sstilettos can bring to your personality. It goes best with everything from an LBD to a pair of skinny jeans. Include them in your closet and  make your own style statement every day.

 Grab A Pair Of Red HeelsGrab A Pair Of Red Heels........

Paint Your Lips Scarlet

An unique way to flaunt red colour is to wear red lipstick. Red shade of  rip colour is not only timeless but also extremely gorgeous. A combination of smoky eyes with cherry or bright red hue of lipstick can do wonders for you.

Paint Your Lips Scarlet

Flaunt A Pair of Red Denims

Ditch those regular blue denims and put on a pair of bright red denims. This will give you a feel of being  a star. You can pair up a red denims with a black shirt or white top. It goes best with plain tops.

 Flaunt A Pair Of Red Denims

That Perfect Red Dress For Parties

Red colour dresses are so hot that they set your mood for parties. Short red one piece is a must have when it comes to being a fashion diva for your evening parties. Don’t forget to team it up with right footwear, make up and handbag.

That Perfect Red Dress For Parties................That Perfect Red Dress For Parties........That Perfect Red Dress For Parties..That Perfect Red Dress For Parties

If you follow some basic rules and with the help of these ideas you are sure to paint the town red with your style sense.


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