HIGH fashion tips for the SHORT girl


We all aren’t Deepika Padukone. But this also doesn’t mean we can’t rock her style. There is a common notion that fashion is really hard to happen for a girl who has not been blessed with ample height. But hey, there are certain fashion tips that are made for a short height. Scroll down and find out what those are!

Dark Colors are your thing, girl!

You might love pretty pastel colors but your body demands some darker shades. Go monochrome with your outfit and accessories for a look that will make some heads turn anyday! Darker colors also make you look slimmer and taller which is hitting two birds with one stone!

chloe-grace-moretz    monochrome-dress

Get high on high waist clothes

High waist pants or shorts suit short girls and look fabulous. They cover up your problem areas and make your legs look taller. Taller legs=taller height.


Belt it thin

Choosing a belt if you have a short height could be very tricky. Don’t worry, we have a solution! Always, always opt for thinner belts for your pants, shorts or even dresses. They make your waiste line look thinner which in turn makes you look taller.

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Stripes that go vertical

This one is a popular trend that probably all girls are tired of hearing. But hear it once more ladies, vertical stripes give an illusionary taller look to you so you can live your Cinderella dream once in a while!


Get your flats pointed

You would have often heard, ‘why don’t you wear heels always? That’ll make you look taller”. But we all know the perils of wearing heels ALL the time. So when you go shopping for flats, make sure you opt for pointed ones.

flats  pointed-flats-bb

So wait no more. Get there and flaunt your style and don’t forget to top it with that beautiful smile!

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