What happens when four adventurous people take up cycling and set out for a Himalayan expedition? Well, we call it an inspiring journey that will have millions craving to go out and admire the Himalayas themselves.

Here’s the video that shows four adventurers on their cycling journey, travelling through the amazing Himalayas! Make sure to turn on the music because you’re going to experience goosebumps through the entire video!

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Footage : Maunil Vora and Pratyush Thakur
Editing : Refractor Studios
Back up and Support Crew : Magic Mountain Adventures,www.magicmountainadventures.com
Guides : Raju Sharma and Hemant Sharma.
Music : Telephon Tel Aviv – The Birds and Sub Focus – Out Of Reach.

On the 30th of June 2015, Maunil Vora, Pratyush Thakur, Gunmeet Singh and Oshan Modi started their 1000 km Himalayan adventure on their bicycles. What they came back with was a number of tales describing the beauty of nature, an experience that they will never be able to get over with and loads of memories! This is their story- their incredible Himalayan travel story.


The idea struck Maunil when he saw a friend’s profile, who had done the same expedition back in 2012. All the pictures that he saw were so inspiring that he couldn’t resist doing it too. Then Maunil did the Manali- Leh trip which was 625km and had 6 high altitude passes including Khardungla which is the highest motorable road in the world. All of them fell in love with both the Himalayas and mountain biking. So they got back in touch after 6 months, everyone craving for some fresh mountain air and chalked out the route and plan for summer of 2015.

Unlike many others who visit the Himalayas in their cars or bikes, they wanted to do it differently and that’s when they realized that doing the trip on a cycle will be different as well as challenging. So they packed their bags and set out into the lap of the Himalayas. What followed was a journey that is sure to make all of us viewers shift in our seats with our eyes wide open because that is what the entire trip was- MIND BLOWING!

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Challenges and adventures galore!

Preparing for such a demanding travel is never easy. You need to be fit enough to be able to ride for long distances at a stretch. But Maunil explains, “It is much more than training yourself. It is the Himalayas, facing the extreme weather and altitude is inevitable and you will have to go through all of it no matter what. At the end of the day, it’s all in your mind!”

It is pretty obvious that when you undertake such a grueling expedition, many challenges will greet you all through the journey. Pratyush says, “Some of the toughest parts in this journey were filming the journey through pain, peak summers and almost half of the road being loose gravel.”Maunil also recalled how during the trip in Spiti Valley, the temperature was so high and dry that their skin used to burn. Every now and then they would find tiny waterfalls and take a cool bath which helped them a lot.

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Inspite of all this, the roads they took were so stunning that they couldn’t resist filming every bit of it. Thanks to them and the video that they made, all of us can get to see nature at its best. Through their pictures you will get transported all the way to the Himalayas, the misty weather, sprawling mountains that seem endless with peaks of snow, vast lands of lush green scenery and what not. Whoever said India doesn’t have the charm that other countries have, was definitely wrong on so many levels.

Aftermath of the magnificent journey

For Maunil, who is also a final year Chemical engineering student, this was an engaging experience that made him fall in love with nature all over again. He had also done a similar Manali-Leh trip last year and took part in various races like the Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival where he competed with professionals from around the world. To add to all of his achievements, he is also a professional Squash player. Describing this unbelievable journey he exclaims, “We were all very excited for this journey. We loved it for some time and also hated it at times. But once it was over, we were so glad we did it! It wasn’t easy at all and it was so brutal on our body, but all the experiences that we got were worth every minute of this 1000 km Himalayan cycling trip.”


It would be wrong to not mention the organizers behind the four adventurers – Magic Mountain Adventures. All the four riders needed constant back up during their cycling- from eating proper meals that would keep their bodies going to staying close to them to be able to help them out promptly in case of emergencies, without the immense support from Magic Mountain Adventures, this trip would have been quite impossible. All of them can vouch for this, for sure!










If you haven’t seen glimpses of their journey yet, you are missing out on a lot!

These are just some of the breathtaking photographs that were clicked throughout their cycling journey. If you want to see all of them and experience their travel right from your home, we have it all for you. Click here to view the gallery.


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