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Every generation has its own uniqueness but the generation of the 90s kids was just something else! What was the most exclusive thing about the 90s? The answer is obvious: The legendary cartoons of the 90s.

To all the 90s kids of India, most of you must be pursuing your careers, studying in college or may be working somewhere. Take some time to scroll further because we have something for you that will surely take you back to your childhood.

Here are the Hindi title tracks of some of the best cartoons of 90s. You will surely listen to these theme songs again and again and again!

  • Dexter’s Laboratory

The everlasting rivalry of the Genius Dexter and his bully sister Dee Dee was just awesome. Dexter’s laboratory Hindi theme song was what we called ‘intense’ back then.

  • Talespin

Probably the oldest cartoon of the 90s, Baloo was the favorite cartoon character of every 90s kid. Baloo with his mustard plane gave us some major flying goals.

  • Swat Cats (Bahadur Bille)

Yes, you heard it right, Bahadur Bille! That’s what Swat cats were called in Hindi. For every 90s kids, Bahadur Bille is the most badass name any cartoon character can ever get. The sharp intro music of Swat Cats still gives us chills.

  • Bob The Builder

Bob the builder was the first show which taught us the Environment friendly idea of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. It was a perfect morning motivation for every 90s kid.

  • Baby Looney Tunes

Mornings were incomplete without this show. Though this show started in 2001, it had all the famous 90s cartoon characters in their baby version. The melodious Baby Looney Tunes song is a pure delight.

  • Scooby Doo

This night time mystery show was the reason every 90s kid wanted a dog like Scooby Doo. Back then, watching Scooby Doo solve crime mysteries and eating 20 inch long sandwiches in one go was an ultimate mission for every kid.

Our childhood will never come back but we sure can relive it by listening to these songs.

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