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We laugh with them, we cry with them, we learn and we grow with them. They motivate us and make us do inspiring things. We live our dreams through them. Movies are the new teachers! It has come a long way ahead of entertainment being the only objective! Today, there are hundreds of inspiring movies which touche our soul and make us a better human being. Inspiration is what one requires during hardships and how good it is to know that movies are playing a vital role in this.hollywood-sign-l-dp

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Hollywood has a long list of motivational movies but here is the list of movies which stand out of crowd always irrespective of time, nation, or age and have directly hit our heart and mind with their amazing story line.

1.Forest Gump

The story of an innocent man with little brain activity who teaches how a world can be better with his honest and loyal thoughts. Forest Gump represents the best in people!

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  1. Rocky

            Anybody leading a life of mediocrity and desiring to be a champion in life will relate to this masterpiece of cinema. Rocky is a small-time local boxer who gets a chance to fight heavyweight champion and he puts in his complete efforts to conquer an impossible win. Determination and hard work is what he needs.

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  1. The Shawshank Redemption

            A banker is sent to a penitentiary on the charges of a murder, which he had never committed. He bonds with his cellmate in prison over a number of years. Andy never leaves hope even in prison and finally flees. The movie was nominated for 7 Oscars.

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  1. The Pursuit Of Happyness

            The story is about a salesman struggling with homelessness,career and a broken marriage. He never loses his heart, and finally overcomes his misery. He booms in his profession by working hard, takes his son under custody and life becomes more beautiful for him. the-pursuit-of-Happyness-quote-will-smith-success

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  1. Cast Away

            An ambitious FedEx executive is left stranded all alone on a deserted island for 5 years. He transforms himself physically and emotionally to survive the crash. The power of love is what keeps him inspired to breathe.

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  1. The October Sky

            John a coal miner loves his job and wants his son Homer to follow his path too. But Homer starts loving rocket science and runs behind his dream of launching a rocket with the help of his friends against his father’s wish. The last scene where John eventually witnesses the launch from Coal wood brings tears.

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  1. Good Will Hunting

            A Story of Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT, having a genius level I.Q but prefers living simple. He has a special gift for Mathematics but needs a treatment from therapist to get a proper direction in life. His simplicity is what makes everybody relate to him.

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  1. 12 Angry Men

            The whole story is around 12 members of the jury sequestered in a room to reach a unanimous decision of guilt or innocence of a teenager accused of murdering his father. Teaches that nobody should impulsively judge others.

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The list goes on. Anytime anywhere, these movies are must watch for all those who haven’t seen them yet.

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