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Home decoration is an art and literally gives some refreshing feel. Not many people excel at decorating their homes in the best way. And of course, it differs from person to person and home to home according to their tastes. And if you are also the one who likes to deck up your home with the best interiors and make it look cozy and the best place to live in the world, then you should know the interior designing trends. So, here we put in front you the best home decor ideas 2017 that are the trends of the year 2017 in the interior designing industry. Take a look.

Home Decor Ideas 2017:

Navy Blue

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Though black and white have been trend for many years, designers and the people even are now showing more interested towards choosing different colours and navy blue is one such a colour which has been in trend in the interior designing industry this year, so it’s not too late, go with a navy blue themed room and enjoy the beauty of the royal looking colour. Try pairing this color with white, yellow, red.

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The beauty of marble can be literally seen through Taj Mahal. And to add some beauty to your home, you can imbibe the marble in your interior designing and it has been in trend this year. This can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and backyard wherever you would like.

Unpainted Walls

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The industrial look of the unpainted or untreated walls also set a trend this year and they will actually give your home an exposed look. It is both time saving and money saving as well. So, go for this look to your home if you like this trend and have no costly budget.


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These ceramic pieces in your kitchen, dining table, drawing table, or garden area will add the organic touch to your home. The ceramic material pieces are in craze this year, you can experiment in your own way with these. But be careful as they may break.

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Oversized Furniture

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Space is always limited, so we have to be somewhat creative in designing your space to make them comfortable for you to live in. And over-sized furniture allows you to have comfortable space to live in. So, do try implementing this trend of the year in your space and enjoy the cozy space created.


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The maps trend is literally everywhere this year and it gives you the inspiration and it is also educational, so do try imbibing the maps, whatever map you would like to have whether a world map, a vintage India map or your state map whatever, just try it framing and hanging it on the wall, or else choose to make maps out various materials like wood, plastic etc.

Greenery Indoors

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This is one of most popular home decor ideas 2017, not only brings your home a great look but it also good for your health and allows you to have some fresh pollution free air. So try experimenting with a variety of plants of your choice on your indoors and bring some great look. You can try using indoor plants, bonsai’s whichever plants you like.

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