Home remedies for getting healthier hair


Your hair is your most precious accessory that comes naturally to every woman. It is something that you love experimenting with and also love to flaunt it. However hair growth is something that is not in our hands. While some women have ample growth of hair, some others barely have any mane. Also it is very important that your hair is healthy. More than the length it is the health of your hair that matters the most. You don’t need to spend heavy amounts at a parlor to achieve this. Simple home remedies can do just the right trick.

Eggs For Healthy Hair

Home remedies for getting healthier hair1Eggs can do wonders to your hair. Mix one or two eggs according to your hair length and add two tablespoon of hair oil to it. Massage it thorougly on your scalp. Wash and shampoo your hair after a while and notice amazing changes.

The Great Indian Gooseberry

Heat some coconut oil with gooseberry powder and strain the oil. Apply at night before going to bed and shampoo your hair the next morning. Do this on a weekly basis for better results.

The Classic Oil Treatment

Home remedies for getting healthier hair2Why go for a hair spa when you can do the simple hair oil massage at home? For immediate results, warm the oil before applying. Coconut and olive oil are the most preferred ones.

Fenugreek Seeds For Healthier Hair

Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight and ground it to a fine paste the next morning. Apply it on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes before washing.

Healthy Banana For Healthy Hair

Home remedies for getting healthier hair3Mash a banana with a fork and apply from root to tip of your hair. You will notice hair growth very fast.

Diet And Exercise

Always eat a healthy diet and exercise daily. If you eat healthy and stay healthy, everyhting else will into place!

So try these home remedies for healthier hair. You can be sure that they won’t disappoint you!

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