Diwali is the most celebrated festival, not only for the Hindus but for all other religions across the world. As the festive season is just round the corner all of us are busy prepping our house, cleaning every corner and getting it renovated with a beautiful décor. Diwali, as we all know is a festival of lights. Be it the flickering diyas or the fiery and loud fireworks or the lovely Jack O’ lanterns, every decorative item spreads light throughout the place. These are the best accents to decorate your rooms during Diwali time. We will show you how you can turn simple diyas with DIY ideas into stunning lighting charms.

Glass Bangle Holders

Candle holders or diya holders can be crafted using some awesome crafting ideas easily at home. Use colorful glass bangles and stick them together in a neat stack. You may use variations with the type of bangles used – glass, glittery, or metal bangles which will look pretty in the flickering light of the diya.

bangle diya

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Interesting Tea Light Wall Hanging

Using small tin cans will give you some pretty wall hangings. You may use square or hexagon chocolate boxes if you have. Place diya’s or tea candles in each cup and you will be amazed to see the effect when each one of them is lighted in the dark.

hanging diyas

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Aromatic Cinnamon Stick Holder

Place a glass around your diya and cover its surface with cinnamon sticks. Secure them together with a string. The sweet aroma of cinnamon spreads across the house when the diyas are lit up.


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Hand Painted Decoration for Diya’s

Manually paint diyas inside out with colors of your choice. Add a golden border at the edge. Then decorate the border or walls of the diyas with studs or pearls for an ornate look.


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DIY Creative Shell Diya

If you are fond of collecting exclusive seashells, then try putting them to use for beautifying your homes. Seashell diyas look pretty and increase the natural elegance of the house.

shell diya

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See how simple decorating diyas can turn out for you! You may use your imagination to create variations with colors and shapes for decorating and creating diyas by yourself.

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