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Hooked, Lined & Single


Hooked, lined & Single is a book which specially depicts a story of a today’s generation girl staying in society which is not yet updated to accept someone unmarried and is above 30 years. Here is brief of about this special book Hooked, Lined & Single.

So you’re a woman, you’re 30-something and living in India? Now you might ask, what’s the big deal about it? And I would say there is. If you’re all of the above and still unmarried or married previously and you just don’t seem to find the “right” man, you suddenly acquire a tragically special status. And your status could be anywhere between being stereotyped and labelled as cynical, demanding, impractical and chronically single or ambitious. Protagonist Alafia Singh meets a similar such fate on her journey to find a husband using somewhat more traditional methods.

Marriage is not necessarily a cakewalk for everyone. Like finding the right job, house or car–is not—while for others, it might come easy. And when you’re in India, even in New India, you can go through a gamut of emotions that come hitting at you time and again to make you realise that you are single and it’s no good, or that you were once married and have been utterly incapable of finding a partner again since the last ten years.

Rashmi tries to build the story through her personal anecdotes where She finds herself going on rapid-fire dating rounds and meeting suitors whose demands vary anywhere from getting her hair straightened to speaking slow English! New India is also where instead of a marriage arranged by aunties, you can hop on to the online matrimonial bandwagon and pick and choose your suitor all at the click of a finger. But in the midst of this conventional setup where marriage really does become a big deal, She also finds herself among a generation that enjoys bar-hopping not to mention bed-hopping and dating.

And it is these very Indians for whom, there’s no way to escape thoughts about stretched and made destined union called ‘marriage’. Shaadi, which is the word for marriage in many languages in India, is literally first word after mummy and papa a child understands.

Indians of my mother’s generation still believe that love happens after marriage. I’m still not sure I buy it. But after a decade of Juan Carloses and short-lived affairs with married men and Craigslist flirtations it seems like the most outlandish thing!

Alafia get that big jerk when Anushka her younger sister gets married and the only question the aunties ask her every now and then in social meetings is “Why she is not married?” “What’s her plan for it” Guests and relatives had actually given up on Alafia, and stopped viewing her as a not-yet-married girl but as an unmarriageable woman who’d ruined her youth by being too choosy and strong-headed.

From here, the story moves ahead as Alafia even goes through a psycho therapy session, past life regression therapy and a short holiday in Jim Corbett that change her life forever or at least help her gather the courage to move on leaving behind a trail of bitter past memories.

What’s new here is Alafia’s engaging, intelligent voice that at turns becomes wry and curious and asks about true modernization progress.

Romantic developments, ultimately, are not the main draw of my book. Outshining them are Rashmi’s observations of modern Delhi, a wildly fermenting old and new, East and West mix. This is a fun book for smart and funny women who believe in themselves and yet don’t quite believe that they can get a way around any traffic chaos without losing their mind!

From Rashmi Kumar

The book is for all those who are hopelessly sentimental about the love but are aware of its shortcomings in practice. Because let alone women, even men could go through the ordeal of finding the right one.

If you’ve just got married, are planning on one or were once, you’d be able to relate to the honestly searing anecdotes in the book.

Come and be a part of Alafia Singh’s journey as she undergoes her bitter sweet, funny and poignant experiences of hate and betrayal, marriage and divorce, love and self-discovery.



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