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how to choose concealer for dark skin

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Concealer is never an impulsive buy—this, we know. But when your skin tone is at the darker end of the color spectrum, finding the right concealer can require multiple trips to various stores with a whole lot of swatching. Using a concealer that’s lighter than the shade of your skin is a big beauty mistake by itself, but more often than not, you might come across a product that turns ashen on you, even after you’ve made sure to pick the correct hue. This is because the product has the wrong undertone. To keep you safe from doing mistakes like these here is your complete guide about how to choose concealer for dark skin.

While most people assume that a dab of concealer is supposed to fix every blemish, it is far from the truth. Don’t be disappointed if you find a concealer that’s your exact shade, but doesn’t seem to completely hide all your imperfections.

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How To Choose Right Concealer For Dark Skin

Let’s begin with sheer basics. Choosing your concealer mainly depends on what works for your skin type and concerns. Before you go and buy the right concealer for you, try to know about it first.
There are three different types of concealers available and they are:

1. Liquid Concealer

A liquid concealer is the most versatile of the lot. It’s perfect for normal, oily or combination skin type.

2. Cream Concealer

If you have dry or combination skin type, cream concealer will work well for you. Its coverage is buildable, ranging from medium to full.

3. Stick Concealer

Stick concealers are a blessing for a dry and sensitive skin. These set into either a satin or powdery matte finish, depending on the product you choose.

What nobody usually cares about concealers is that different skin tones demand different colors and textures. So, you need to choose the right concealer to match your skin tone perfectly. Usually, the concealer shade needs to be half a shade lighter than your foundation shade.

Benefits Of Concealer

1. Banish Dark Circles

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If your concern is dark circles, lean towards “warmer” shades to avoid obvious white circles around your eyes. Orange to yellow-based concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone is perfect to banish all your dark circles. So, the right concealer has got the ability to vanish all your doubts about how to choose concealer for dark circles.

2. Camouflage Blemishes And Redness

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Green concealers are used to neutralize redness on your face – like blemishes and red spots.

3. Cover Pimples

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To cancel out the redness of the zit, use a green color-correcting concealer before going in with your foundation and cream concealer.

Concealer Hacks That You Should Know

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Here are some concealer makeup hacks that you should always remember.

  • If your breakouts are on the back or on your chest, cover with a concealer that matches your personal skin tone, hiding the blemish, while adding some powder over it will keep the concealer in place so it doesn’t rub off over the course of the day.
  • If you have bluish under-eye circles, use a pink or peach-toned concealer, while a tallow-toned concealer works to even out the skin tone as a whole and the green is used to cover up red spots and blemishes.
  • You can also use the concealer pencil that’s slightly lighter in color to line the brow, top, and bottom, really making the look pop out.
  • You can lighten up the shades of the lip gloss by mixing it in with a light concealer.

Choosing The Best Concealer For Indian Skin Tone

Enough of Gyan about how to choose concealer for dark skin. Here are some of the list of the best concealers for dark skin tone that you should consider to use to keep your skin flawless.

1. Fenty Match Stix Matte Skinstick

A magnetized makeup stick in a long-wear, light-as-air, matte formula to conceal, correct, contour, and touch up skin in 20 shades.  It’s a very buttery formulation, and it builds very well. Do try this concealer from the brand that is recommended by many beauty experts and celebrities.

2. IMAN CC Correct & Cover Powder to Créme Concealer

This powder to cream formula comes in a clever flip-top container so you can sprinkle the powder onto your skin — then watch it magically turn to cream as you blend. Start with clean hands, sprinkle onto the pad of your ring finger, then lightly tap and buff over the skin.

3. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

It comes in several shades designed for darker skin tones that never leave skin looking ashy. I love that this concealer offers high coverage in a super-soft and super-blendable base that is oil-free and leaves skin looking natural and perfect for hours on end.

4. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer comes in eight shades and they’re really fabulous. Within each product, you get a yellow base and a red base that you can mix to get a better match for your skin tone.

5. Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer

If you don’t need heavy coverage and are looking for something fresh, this is perfect for your under eyes. It is made targeting them on the go makeup lovers. The packaging and everything come travel-friendly.

6. Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Colour Correct

Smooth and correct the face, lips, and eye area with Dior’s newest color correctors. Available in four fix-it-fast formulas, the dual-colored dark spot corrector contains a white primer center that helps keep makeup in place while the color-correcting exterior conceals.

Make way for the perfect concealer into your makeup products and make your makeup life perfect. Choose the best concealer that suits your skin and make life happy.

Rather than just trying out everything, follow this guide and choose the perfect concealer that suits your dark skin.

Make sure to own the perefct concealer that suits your dark skin.

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