Imagine this – going on your honeymoon, to a beautiful romantic country, but without your husband, and accompanied by your in-laws. In an interestingly tragic yet hilarious story, a Lahore-based couple were forced to be separated right before their honeymoon, thanks to a little (but very important!) travel document called a visa. The husband, Arsalaan Sever Butt, was denied a visa to Greece while his wife, Huma Mobin, was granted one. Because the trip was already paid for, Huma could not refuse to go. Her in-laws went with her, and the first night there she cried for her husband.

57838370a3520Huma and Arsalaan dated for two years before getting married seven months ago. She is a creative manager at an advertising agency, and he is an architect with his own firm. And as the cool humans they are, Huma decided to make the most of the twist in the trip, and had some “tragicomic” pictures taken of herself and her “missing husband”.


grid-cell-4713-1468186849-9Funnily enough, Arsalaan himself was the inspiration for her photos! He had sent her a similar picture of himself after their engagement, when he had to leave for Budapest.


Huma posed for a picture in every place she had originally planned to visit with her hubby, showing how much she missed him. Aw!

huma-honemoon_018_820_fbHumaShe ended up dropping her phone in the Aegean Sea at a point, and her photos after that incident showed her posing for the two things she loved and missed the most.

featured for Huma honeymoon article458017-huma-mobin-looking-sad

Huma and Arsalaan are travel enthusiasts and apparently love taking non-conventional photographs that capture the epic moments of their life together. One such photo is of them stopping at a Mango sale on their way back home from their wedding ceremony!

sub-buzz-5993-1468174670-1Visit Huma’s Facebook page to see more of her pictures here.

**All images via Huma’s Facebook page

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