Ice-Gola – Must-Try Stalls In Mumbai to Beat Summer Heat

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Each one of us craves for the tempting colorful ice-candy. It is popularly known as ice-gola in India. It is typically a summer delight. Howbeit, people of all age-groups enjoy this cool dish in a hot and humid climate of Mumbai city. Ice-gola is nothing but a ball of crushed ice dipped in flavored sherbets. Sometimes, it is also topped with dollops of fresh cream and noodles. Afterward, it is  garnished with nuts and pistachios. With the increasing temperatures in the summer season, the demand for the ice-gola also increases. It is often hard to resist an ice-gola.

Top Ice-Gola Stalls In Mumbai:

Though you can find ice-gola stalls at many places in Mumbai, we have short-listed the best stalls for you to try.

Juhu Chowpatty Ice-Gola Stalls:

Juhu beach is a place to relax for Mumbaikars. Also, it is any foodie’s Holy Grail! You can find tempting variants of ice-golas here. The health conscious people will be surely thrilled as you can get a choice of a ‘mineral water gola’ as well here.

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Pooja Malai Gola, Ghatkopar:

‘Mumbai never sleeps’ who knows it better than Pooja Malai Gola as it is open until midnight. This stall is famous for its unique and innovative ice-gola recipes. A Delux Malai Gola is a must try here.

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Islam Gymkhana, Marine Drive:

The golawala crushes the ice and at the same time transforms the ice into colorful delight until early morning.  In fact, this place is always crowded. It is definitely a worth visiting place to escape the heat.

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Park Malai Gola, Shivaji Park:

If you want to try high-profile gola, then accordingly do visit this place in Dadar. It has been serving world class ice-golas since 40 years. Famous celebrities and politicians visit this place to dig in the icy colorful delight.

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Girgaun Chowpatty Gola Stalls:

Summer season is mango season. So, why not eat hapus mango flavored gola? You can have best hapus ice-gola at girgaun beach stall, we are not kidding! Sri Krishna Golewala is the popular golawala here. You can select your mango hapus or any other flavor from the wide range of options available here.

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No doubt ice-gola are tempting.From here on, do not resist yourself to have these colorful desserts. For this reason, head to the nearest stall now!

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