Wanderlust Binging and Incredible Trips to Take Before You have Kids!

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Before you enter parenthood, plan a dream trip to these places. You will gain so much enthralling travel experience that you will want to share it with your kids one day. These trips will bring a new perspective to you before you get into the added responsibility of parenthood.

Here are our top 5 places in the list of the dream trips –

  1. Maldives

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With crystal white sands and deep-blue lagoons, Maldives redefines paradise. “Getting there” is itself a marvelous experience of this remote destination. This country in Indian ocean consists of 1200 coral islands and all of them are only accessible by speedboat or helicopter from the capital island of Male. These low-lying specs of coral are subject to erosion, and stand at the mercy of any sea level rise! Private beach, private ocean, underwater dining, water bungalows, surfing, scuba diving is something which you would love to spend alone with your partner. Also, experience world-class diving across its coral atolls and prepare to be dazzled by its natural beauty. One of the life changing trips for sure!

  1. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
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Machu Picchu is now the most popular Inca archeological ruins in the world. Located 8000 feet above the sea level in a remote area of Peru’s Andes Mountains, the ‘Lost City of the Incas’, built in 1450s, was listed as the New Seven Wonders of the world in 2007. The Inca Trail in Peru beckons the visitors for its most adventurous and scenic routes. This ancient iconic Inca site has centuries old secrets wrapped inside its womb and demand adults to climb hills of high elevations, sleep in tents, and daunting trek to explore every nook and corner. Definitely, do this before having kids because you wouldn’t be doing this later. This destination makes one of the unexplored and raw trips!

  1. Antarctic Expedition

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Travel to the literal end of the world that will fill your heart, overload the senses and imprint your memory forever. You won’t find any adventure on earth more exhilarating and pristine than Antarctica. Encounter the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula and the surrounding islands and waterways, glide around enormous tabular icebergs by Zodiac, walk along beaches covered with thousands of penguins, and kayak amidst abundant marine life, hike a glacier, view magnificent mountains, towering icebergs, and ice formations that make up the dramatic Antarctic landscape, kayak in protected waters, paddle around icebergs as penguins swim nearby, walk on shore amid thousands of penguins, including polar bears, seals and whale. All of this is physically too challenging to undertake with children. Few of the trips which require a lot physically and mentally!

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  1. Disney World

Disney World
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Disney world has always riveted young hearts by their magical experiences and is the highly rated kids’ destination. But, the park offers more to adults too. Travel to Orlando, Florida’s Walt Disney World and hit the rides without any strollers and backpacks. The park is home to the annual Epcot Food and Wine Festival, a slew of new boutique shops at Disney Springs, lavish 13-course dinners by a James Beard–nominated chef at Victoria & Albert’s, and late-night dancing options on the Disney Boardwalk. Go now because there will never be a time in your life you can justify leaving your kids at home while you go to Disney World.

  1. Himalayas

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Whether you are hiking Mount Everest or trekking anywhere in Himalayas, you would definitely want to do this without any added responsibility. Himalayas has captured people’s imagination for centuries. Beautiful landscapes, glaciers, peaks, valleys, rivers have always inspired many poets and writers. Trekking here requires special equipments and clothes. Be prepared to train well before you trek in the Himalayan mountains and experience the wilderness. One will be tested physically and mentally and it’s better to undertake this without kids.

Opening a child’s eyes to the world is a great joy for parents. But there are some places that are best experienced without little ones in tow. Hit the road now and have fun with your partner or friends. These trips ought to be taken before you extend your family!

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